Selecting Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

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Perfect wedding shoes should not only look gorgeous but also comfortable at the same time. They need to be selected with due consideration and here are some points that need to be kept in mind:

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Select your wedding shoes after selecting your wedding dress. This will help you in selecting shoes that complement the wedding dress.

Make sure that the sole and the cushioning provided are comfortable. Indian weddings are always elaborate and you are going to be on your feet for hours. Remember that you are going to greet your friends and relatives, pose for photographs and dance with your groom. If your wedding shoes are not comfortable, your facial expression will make this obvious.

The best time to select any shoes is postnoon as feet have a tendency to swell in the second half of a day. If you keep this in mind, your wedding shoes will not make you feel uncomfortable as the day proceeds.

High heels look great but keep your groom’s height in mind while selecting the heel size. If you are used to wearing running shoes and flip flops, then climbing on to a 4 inch heel may be difficult. Opt for a flat footwear in case of a beach wedding and in case you are going to have a garden wedding, then you should opt for wedge heels instead of  stilettos.

You need to practice and prepare to wear your dream shoes. Wear them for a few hours at home prior to your wedding. This will help you to get used to them and avoid the formation of blisters.

Here are some gorgeous wedding shoes that have been worn by the Indian brides. Scroll through to see the perfect options.

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You can find them at online stores but if you want to try them on before finalizing, then you must opt for some local stores. Some of them offer a wide range to select from.

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