7 Entertainment Trends For 2018-19 Weddings

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Keeping guests entertained at a wedding reception is no small feat and we’ve seen some wonderful trends making an appearance at weddings across the country, for years now. So, what are the news ways to keep guests smiling and happy at a wedding reception? We list the top 7 2018 wedding entertainment trends:

The After Party

2018 wedding entertainment

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So, did you know that the real party begins after the official wedding reception is over? Yes, you heard that right! The after party is only for close buddies and loved ones and is the perfect occasion to really let one’s hair down minus any inhibitions. Plan late night snacks too, we suggest.

Choreographed Dances

2018 wedding entertainment

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Flash mob dances and bespoke choreography are two hot 2018 wedding entertainment trends. Yep, even newlyweds don’t mind spending hours practicing together so that they woo the guests on D-Day

Caricature Artists

2018 wedding entertainment

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If you’ve also booked a lounge area for your guests, then why not hire a caricature artist for the party? Letting guests go home with a portrait of themselves is a great keepsake of your wedding too.

Photo Booths

2018 wedding entertainment

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Guests still make a beeline for photo booths but other than the usual bevy of props, there are also other interesting features like flower walls which are in vogue. Some photo booths even allow guests to edit their own photos and to take instant prints.

Interactive Live Bands/Performers

2018 wedding entertainment

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Playing at weddings is no longer just about getting the melody right and keeping spirits high. Couples these days are asking for interactive live bands who not only belt out one tune after the other but who also get the audience involved in their programme. Think karaoke and impromptu singing for example.

Stand Up Comedians

2018 wedding entertainment

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One of the biggest 2018 wedding entertainment ideas to take weddings by storm is the hiring of stand-up comedians to tickle one’s funny bone. It goes without saying that an audience that laughs together will undoubtedly take home some great memories!

Live Acts/Performers

2018 wedding entertainment

Image courtesy Arrow Multimedia

Wedding planners are really outdoing themselves by doing their best to bring in surprise elements wherever possible. Flame throwers, jugglers and magicians are passé and now face stiff competition from synchronized dancers, ballet performers, professional drummers and the like.

Image courtesy ClicksUnlimited

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