Sort Out These Wedding Planning Surprises Easily

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We’d like to believe that our articles on how to combat any wedding planning surprises that come your way have been more than useful in your own personal wedding planning journey. In our last article, we look at three more wedding planning possibilities that just may pop up:


You feel like the entire responsibility of a perfect wedding lies on your shoulders and it’s getting too stressful.

Believe it or not, but every bride in the world has at least one or two Bridezilla moments that take everybody’s breath away. It could be in the sudden burst of tears over not getting the details right, it could be in the temper tantrum outbreak that nobody saw coming or it could even show in the condescending manner in which you blame other people for your mistakes. The minute planning your wedding feels like a burden you just can’t get rid of, think of it as your mind’s way of sending out an SOS signal. This is when you need expert help the most, either in the form of a wedding planner or in the form of your own bridal team. Working out the details of your wedding should be fun minus the stress factor.


Your wedding budget is too small for your dream wedding. You simply cannot afford those imported monogrammed napkins although they would have been perfect.

It’s every bride’s nightmare- making a budget and then realising that expenses are going beyond the pre-decided figures. Sometimes, additional expenses may not even be bride related; instead they may have something to do with the weather (rain showers are expected so an indoor hall needs to be booked), with the menu (a few relatives are allergic to gluten) or even with the time of the year as well. Factor in an additional buffer amount of 5 – 7 percent of your wedding budget so that you won’t feel the pinch in case you do need to spend more.


Just when you finalised a thing or two with your vendors, your to be mother-in-law expresses her disapproval and demands that you go with her ideas instead.

Probably every bride dreads the moment when her partner’s mother disapproves of a wedding detail and insists that it be done her way instead. The mature way to earn her respect and to diffuse what could turn out to be an ugly situation is to listen to her point of view without arguing. We said ‘listen’, not ‘put into effect’. Here’s why- each vendor works in a different way and some need a confirmation at least two months before the wedding day itself. If your mother in law’s demands can be worked out without your vendor getting irritated and refusing to take up the order itself, it is worth your while to do so. This way your partner’s mother feels like she is useful because she has contributed to the wedding planning and you’ve made her happy. On the other hand, if her ideas cannot be put into effect at short notice, explaining why is equally important. Thanking your mother in law for her suggestions even if they cannot be adopted is gracious on your part.

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