Stop! Do Not Buy Your Wedding Shoes Without Reading This First!

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Many brides-to-be wonder about the kind of shoes they should wear on their wedding day. This is because; on these occasions, the bride has to constantly be on her feet. This is why it is important for each bride to have comfortable shoes that still complete her bridal look. Most brides opt for high-heeled shoes which are not very comfortable. They do so,  just because the shoes match and complement their outfit. However, this should not be the case. It is possible to get shoes that are comfortable for weddings without having to compromise on the stylish aspects that they can  add to the bridal outfit.


Below are some tips to help Indian brides buy their wedding shoes.

Ensure the shoes are comfortable

Since the occasion requires the bride to be on her feet for long hours, it is important to ensure that the shoes bought are comfortable . Most people would focus their attention on the bride and even the slightest discomfort on her face can even be seen in photographs. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is important to ensure that everything is perfect. Having comfortable shoes is one way to ensure this . Shoes with padding are very comfortable and are available at many bridal shops.

Make shoes a priority
how to select Indian wedding shoes
Many brides do not pay much attention to the shoes when planning for the big day. This is probably because most of them focus on the dress. They end up rushing at the last minute to buy the shoes which does not give them enough time to get the most comfortable shoes. They therefore end up settling for whichever shoes they get. It is very important for every bride to ensure they make as much effort in getting the right shoes just like they do with the dress.

Choose shoes that do not elevate you too much

One thing that many brides do not pay attention to when choosing wedding shoes is the height of their spouse. It is important to choose shoes that do not make you appear taller than your spouse. This is because the image will look awkward. It is advisable to wear shoes that would normally make you a bit shorter than your spouse and use them in measuring the length of heel you need for your wedding shoes. If you do not mind your spouse seeing the shoes before the wedding, it may be a good idea to take him with you.

how to select Indian wedding shoes

Walk in the shoes before purchase

It is important to walk in the shoes you intend to buy for a while to determine whether or not they maintain the comfort you desire. If you feel uncomfortable, those are not the right shoes and you should choose another pair.

Get shoes that match the dress

When choosing the wedding shoes, it is important to choose pairs that are not only comfortable but also match your dress. This completes the bridal look and also ensures comfort.



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