Supercharge Your Weight-Loss With Bridal Boot camp- Part 2

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In a world where new diets are discovered every day, eating ‘right’ takes on a different interpretation almost every other week. While some diets advocate shunning carbs altogether, others suggest leaving out fats from every day food or dairy products. While working out at a bridal boot camp, you will need all the energy you can get from eating healthy. Last week we gave you tips on how to ‘clean out’ your fridge and pantry by removing anything that was more harmful than good for your body. In this article, we bust a few popular myths for all you bridal boot camp fans:


Calories are the enemy: Many women stay away from eating three meals a day simply because anything edible comes with calories. First, it’s important to understand that calories are needed by your body so that it can work in a positive way for you. Your bridal boot camp nutritionist will draw up a food plan for you keeping in mind your likes and dislikes. But be warned- your new food plan will have fewer calories. For example, if you currently consume around 2000 calories a day, your new food plan will have 15 – 20% fewer calories, thus enabling your body to burn up existing fat reserves for successful weight loss. And yes, even celery sticks have calories!


Weight loss should happen FAST: No two bodies are the same and no two people lose weight at the same pace. Nutritionists often comment that women at bridal boot camps are more focused on the weighing scale than they are on maintaining overall health. While checking your weight on a scale is important, do not feel low just because you haven’t reached your ideal weight as yet. Losing body fat is important too and if the exercise regime + food plan is working for you, then you will also see a difference in your waist, hip, thigh, arm and leg measurements. It’s ideal to lose one kilo per week keeping your body mass in mind, but losing too much weight too fast can result in lower energy levels, sagging skin and mood swings.


Fats are Unhealthy: Fats are important for you and eliminating these from your diet can cause adverse effects to your health. Mono and poly unsaturated fats are great for a glowing complexion, shiny hair, sharp eyesight and are even important for certain body functions. So, while we do suggest skipping calorie filled butter sticks whilst working out a bridal boot camp, we also say yes to eating healthy fat loaded snacks like nuts, olives, seeds and the like. Even a drizzle of olive oil on your green salad will do your mood and health a world of good!

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