Supplier Spotlight: Interview With Top Bollywood Sangeet Choreographers Pratap & Harish

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We are super excited to welcome Pratap and Harish, top Bollywood choreographers who recently made an entry in the field of wedding and sangeet choreography. Pratap and Harish started teaching and choreographing dance 15 years ago during which period they have done hundreds of movies, TV serials, film festivals ,destination wedding s, awards shows ,international sports events and social gatherings.

In a tėtė-a-tėtė with weddingsonline India, Pratap and Harish share their future plans and how they can help brides and grooms arrange a well choreographed and mesmerizing Sangeet ceremony that will be remembered for years to come.

1)      Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you start Pratap And Harish?

We started 15 years ago as a small team. Today we are a big name in Bollywood, having done hundreds of award shows, TV serials, movies, sports and other cultural events.

2)      You guys are amazing dancers! How many hours of rehearsal do you put in daily to reach the level you are at today?

We do what we love and love what we do and that is in tune in with our philosophy. Dance helps us express our emotions so there is no particular time or place, but when it comes to      rehearsals we practice until we are really ready.

3)      Can you describe the process of wedding dance choreography? Can you break it down for our brides and grooms as to the role you guys can play in their wedding entertainment?

A wedding is an important time in a to-be-couple’s life as well as their families so we make sure we understand their vision. We meet the bride and groom to understand their needs and necessities and also welcome their suggestion and ideas. Our first approach to any wedding choreography is to figure out the bride and groom’s story-how they met and so on. Once we have got these details, we ask the couple and their families to relax and leave the planning to us! We select the right songs that we know will suit the story, completely keeping the bride and groom in mind. Next, we consider the number of friends and family that would be involved in the dance based upon which, we decide the concept and performance .We endeavour to make the wedding ceremony memorable and bring families closer through the process. During our rehearsals we see to it that the steps are not too complicated and are manageable for the bride and groom and their relatives. We completely understand that everyone cannot devote as much time as is ideally needed for the rehearsals, so we mainly focus on personal coaching. With that done, we do the final stage rehearsals for the groom, bride as and other members of the bridal party until everyone  is confident.

wedding dance choreography by top bollywood choreographers pratap and harish

4) Do you also work with kids?

We love kids! As professional choreographers we have worked with children in many films and events-so we understand and can relate to them.

5) You have worked with many top artists like Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and so on. How was it working with them?

indian wedding dance choreography by bollywood choreographers Pratap and Harish

Yes, we have! To name a few celebs that we have had the honour of working with: Amitabh Bacchan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan, and many more. It is a fantastic experience working with them and is a complete learning experience. Not only do we get to teach them, they teach us too. Dance helps us bond and forge a lasting friendship.

indian wedding dance choreography by bollywood choreographers Pratap and Harish indian wedding dance choreography by bollywood choreographers Pratap and Harish

6) What styles of dance do you teach?

We are experts in Bollywood, cultural, classical, salsa, folk, Latin American, hip-hop and free style.

7) Who or what inspires you?

Life itself has been a great inspiration. We have met many beautiful souls along this journey who we have had the honour of inspiring and being inspired by.

indian wedding dance choreography by bollywood choreographers Pratap and Harish

8) How do you handle difficult students?

One on one or personal coaching generally helps us teach anyone and everyone. As they say: “Anybody can dance”-so we do not feel there is a concept like a ‘difficult’ student.

9) Describe your most memorable event till date.

All events were special to us and each and every show we choreograph throws new challenges and experiences at us for us to learn and grow.

10) What skills/qualities as wedding dance choreographers/teachers do you think will come in handy when you work with wedding couples and their families?

Patience, organization, getting things done in a timely manner all the while living in the moment. We always tell couples that dance is all about having fun and encourage them to do so like they have not a care in the world.

To see more of their portfolio, click here. Find out how Pratap and Harish can help you choreograph your Sangeet. Contact them at

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