Supplier Spotlight : Interview with Founders of Makeup Academy Fat Mu

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Read how Natasha Nischol and Virginia Holmes founded Fat Mu, a state-of-the-art Academy offering the best-in-class make-up education for professionals and all make-up lovers alike. Till date, they have trained over 1500 makeup artists.

Fat mu founders

1) How did you start the academy for makeup artists?

We always had the vision to transform make-up from a basic service into a respected art form and create a make-up community of make-up lovers. Thus was born Fat Mu in Mumbai in the year 2010. Today, Fat Mu designs and manages make-up for shoots, events, bridals and makeovers. Their teams have worked on numerous eclectic faces over the years, both in fashion and film, designing over 100 TVCs, and working on over 35 feature films from Hollywood’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to Bollywood’s ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’, ‘Mirziya’, ‘Rock on 2’ and Toronto’s darling 2015’s ‘Margarita With A Straw’.

2) Why would you recommend a course here for makeup artists?

We provide our students with the best and most comprehensive content in theoretical and practical makeup. Today, we consistently receive feedback from every student that completes a course here about the inspiring and supportive environment they get here. The small class size ensures that every student gets personal attention and we also provide ongoing support and assistance with work experience to each student. At the end of the course, we provide a Fat Mu certificate as well as a portfolio to each of our students based on the practical work they have done. Since we have many contacts in the industry, we also provide students with placement and job opportunities.

3) Do you specifically cover wedding makeup courses?

Yes, our bridal makeup course is very comprehensive and designed to give each artist the skills and tools they need for traditional and contemporary bridal makeovers.

4) What is your USP?

We offer both professional and non-professional courses. Fat Mu is the ultimate learning platform for those who wish to enter the world of professional makeup as well as for anyone who wants to do self makeup or improve upon existing skills.Our makeup workshops are fun events where anyone can bring their friends to perform makeup on. We also offer one-on-one tuition for professionals who want to perfect one or more aspects of various makeup techniques.

5) What is the age range of your students?

Everyone has different goals and objectives. Our students range from working professionals from a variety of industries, to students to stay at home moms. We want to address those different needs since we know everyone has different time-frames and goals. Anyone from 18 and above can sign up for our workshops.

6) What are your three top pieces of advice for aspiring makeup artists?

This is an exciting time for makeup professionals in India and one can look forward to a satisfying career in this field. Since trends keep changing, it is important to keep learning and bettering your skills. There is no escaping hard work, but the rewards will be tend fold.

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