Supplier Spotlight: Pathrika-Wedding Invitation Cards With A Twist!

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If you are like those million brides and grooms to be out there who have vague ideas regarding the perfect wedding  invitation card but are at a loss when it actually comes to designing one, then Pathrika Invitations can come to your rescue.

About Pathrika

Pathrika is the brainchild of Chennai based graphic designer Mekala Murali, a graduate with Master’s degree in Fine Arts from  Stella Maris College with specialization in Graphic Design. Mekala wants to help all those confused brides and grooms (as well as their families) to come up with unique wedding invitation cards at an affordable price. This she ensures by minimizing the  production effort  while keeping the visuals and design effort  high.

Pathrika’s USP

Most brides/grooms today ask for a specific theme to be depicted in their wedding invitation cards and Pathrika uses the  illustration route to make it unique. The company understands that  every concept of the wedding card is meant to be rather personal and close to the hearts of each bride and groom. Each Pathrika wedding card  tells their story in a refreshing and unique manner.

Mekala draws a lot of inspiration from Indian folk art forms and also uses caricatures, something that is very well received by brides today.
Price: The company  charges a design fee and their production unit charges a production fee directly to each client. The designing part  usually ranges between Rs.5500 to Rs.8500 depending upon the complexity of the design and the illustration technique used. This is a flat fee irrespective of the number cards that the client needs printed. The team also provides a basic format e-invite (usually in .jpg format) as a part of the delivery. Thus, the team helps the clients  get in touch with the production unit directly. This way, they can either choose Mekala’s unit in Chennai or any other company of their choice.

Pathrika does not have  readymade designs that are simply shown to every bride and groom; rather they get to pick whatever they want. Each card is uniquely, lovingly created from scratch for each client. Naturally, the designs are never ever repeated!  Colour combinations, trends, designs just happen along the way. The main element of Pathrika’s design process is the “story”. So Mekala ensures talking personally to every bride and groom to understand what they have in mind, what their special story is, and what can be depicted as a narrative along with what will and will not work. Printing is not the highlight of Pathrika, it is the content – story, concept, illustration, text, style and colours .

Here are a few samples:

pathrika1 pathrika2 pathrika3 pathrika4 pathrika6

To learn more about Pathrika, visit their Facebook Page here .

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