The Top 5 Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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For many brides-to-be, hearing the words “plan your wedding” is enough to send them reeling and opening their phone or computer to look for the nearest wedding planner. This is something that happens a lot since planning a wedding, especially your own, is not easy. It will be time-consuming, exhausting, and stressful. You will constantly be worrying about the budget, the bad things that can happen during your big day, and whether the guests will like or hate the whole event. Because of these reasons, planning a wedding is not every soon-to-be bride’s cup of tea.

A wedding event management team, however, points out that anyone can plan the most romantic day of their lives without the stress and extra effort by avoiding some mistakes which can derail or unravel all their hard work.

Below are the top mistakes you have to avoid as you plan your dream wedding:

1. Setting a wedding date hastily

Once you’re engaged, one of the many questions you will always be asked is, “When are you getting married?” If you say you don’t know yet, you will be bombarded with more questions. Moreover, you will be asked the same thing over and over until you give them a satisfactory answer. Because of this constant pressure, you may be forced to name a date that is too soon to get them off your back. Picking a date out of nowhere, of course, is a huge mistake. You will feel more pressured to plan your wedding in a shorter period. Consequently, your chances of having a perfect wedding will be lower. If you and your fiancé have not decided on the date yet, pick a season first. Do you envision having a spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding? Since a season will run for a few months, you will have enough time to iron out the details of your wedding. The wait won’t be too long as well since it will happen within a year.

2. Not setting a budget

Since you want to be at your best on your wedding day and you want all the guests to be happy, too, you may end up spending more than you want, or feel the need to please yourself and everyone. This means accidentally overspending on your wedding dress, flowers, and entertainment. If your guest list is two pages long or more, your venue rental and catering services will cost you a fortune. Whether you want to have an extravagant or simple wedding, set your budget and stick to it as much as possible. Make sure you establish it before creating your guest list as well. With a budget in mind, you can figure out what you can and can’t have at your wedding. And this will go a long way in helping you and your fiancé avoid being neck-deep in debt as you begin your married life.

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3. Leaving everything until the last minute

When you have a year or six months until your wedding day, designing your invitation or calling up caterers and flower arrangers may be the last thing on your mind. Whether you’re always busy at work, focusing on losing some weight, or simply are a natural procrastinator, organizing everything at the last minute won’t do you any good. Keep in mind that although there are many wedding suppliers, the most reputable and popular ones can only take on a limited number of bookings each week. Working too late on your wedding plans may cause you to miss out on booking your dream venue, preferred caterer, or band. As such, once you have your wedding date, create a monthly planning timeline that lists everything you have to do in preparation for the event, with deadlines for each one. If you don’t want to keep lugging around and consulting a notebook or planner, download a wedding planning app. With this tool, you will get alerts regarding things to do and deadlines you have to beat.

4. Not vetting your suppliers

Your makeup artist, photographer, caterer, flower arranger, and wedding gown and groom suit tailors make up your team for this important event. You will rely on them to help bring your dream wedding to life. If you make the mistake of hiring the first one you see in the directory or recommended by a friend without looking them up online or even checking their competition, you will lose a lot more than money. To be sure you have the right team that will help you pull off a memorable event, take the time to research your potential wedding suppliers. Read reviews and comments about them online. Get as many details as you can about them from the person who recommended them. Additionally, ask the supplier to provide you the contact details of one or two brides they have worked with, in the past. Get in touch with these persons and find out if the service provider is really worth hiring.

5. Doing everything yourself

Lastly, whether you decide to take the DIY route to plan your wedding or your budget put you in this situation, keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Taking on too much work, even if it’s for your wedding, can lead to stress and anxiety. If you are overcome by worries, you may end up not thinking straight and make costly mistakes, such as giving the wrong number of guests or address to your caterer. Additionally, if you overtax yourself, you may even get physically ill. Your chances of looking your best at your wedding may be hampered. To have a great wedding and to look and feel gorgeous on your big day, take on tasks that you know you can complete in advance. Do not hesitate to ask a friend, a family member, or your fiancé to help you out. Even giving them simple tasks will help you avoid rushing and being stressed out. And if you really want to have your dream wedding without all the extra effort and stress, find a way to include hiring a wedding planner in your budget. With a pro on board, you won’t break a sweat throughout the planning process. You will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your wedding, such as looking your best on your big day.

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