Things to Avoid When Buying Wedding Sherwani

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Sherwani is a classic example of style and splendour of Indian princely sartorial heritage. If who have decided to go for an ethnic Indian wedding, you would surely love to dress up in a majestic Sherwani, and look your regal best on the wedding day.  However, with so many different designs, colours, and fabrics available in the market, the chances of making a wrong choice are high. So, here is a list of things that you should avoid while shopping for your wedding Sherwani:

 Poor quality fabric

No matter how great the colour or embroidery is, if the fabric is low quality, it will make your Sherwani look nothing less than pathetic. You may save a few thousand rupees by choosing a cheap fabric, but it will spell disaster on your wedding day look.


Wrong colour or embroidery

When you go looking for a sherwani in the market, keep your skin tone and body shape in mind. Bold prints and light colours on someone who is short and stout will not look good, and so will small print and bright colours on a skinny groom.


Poor fit

It is always a great idea to get your wedding attire custom made or  stitched. This will ensure that it  fits you well. If you are short of time and you must buy a ready to wear Sherwani, then make sure you buy the one that is made for your body type. Try it on, and pick the one that fits you perfectly.


Colour that does not match bride’s attire

On your wedding day, you both have to look every bit a couple that is made for each other. It is important that your attires go well together. So, never buy one in a colour that does not match bride’s attire. You can go for same colour as her lehenga, or you can match it with the colour of her attire’s embroidery or accessories.



No matter how simple and minimalistic your style is, you should never try to underplay it on your wedding day. A simple attire will make you look more like a groom’s brother than a groom. So, go for a majestic Sherwani that makes you look like a prince.


Keep these 5 simple rules in mind, and you will never go wrong with your choice of Sherwani. Do you know any other rules of Sherwani shopping? Please do share your thoughts with us; we love to hear back from our readers.

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