Tips to be the best Bridesmaid

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Bridesmaid is a foreign concept, but in its essence is very much a part of the Indian wedding tradition. There is always a sister or a friend who is always by your side – from the shopping sprees till your bidai. In some cases, she even accompanies you after the bidai till you go off for your honeymoon!! This special person is the bridesmaid. She is most likely the woman closest to the bride. From wiping the tears, giving a touch up to the makeup, helping change the costumes, or even grabbing a quick snack for the hungry bride, it is the bridesmaid who helps the bride sail through her special day. Given all the troubles, it is an honour to be the bridesmaid. We have some tips to be the best bridesmaid ever!!

Tips to be the best Bridesmaid

You as a bridesmaid are probably the most important person other than the about-to-be couple themselves. As such, your look adds to the entire style of the ceremony. You’ll be paying for your own dress and accessories, so do not go overboard to match the bride’s expectations. Try and balance her wishes and your budget. If you decide upon a sari, go contrast with the bride’s sari and the accessories. If you wear a simple sari, choose heavy jewellery. But if your sari is heavy, wear minimal jewellery. We recommend an anarkali dress. Remember you’ll be very busy helping out the bride and managing this in a sari could be quite difficult.

Always make sure that you are ready much before than expected. Since you are there to assist the bride in her needs, be prepared for anything. It is never a good idea to have the same stylist and make-up person for you and the bride. Obviously the bride is the priority and you may be sidelined or completely ignored. You don’t want to look bad on the most important day of your sister or best friend’s life.

Tips to be the best Bridesmaid

You might have the same henna artist as the bride, no worries there, but try and apply your henna on a different day. If you apply henna on the same day as the bride, there is not much you can do for the bride. This is the most important thing for every bride other than her wedding day costume- her mehendi. She will need you to adjust her clothes, feed her food and water, even scratch her back, if the need be!

Tips to be the best Bridesmaid

If you are the sister, you will probably know all the family members, but if you are the best friend not so much. It is always a good to know the people who are closest to the bride. You can also try and get to know the groom’s family. This will help you mediate between them and the bride. The bride will thank you for this favour all her life.

Finally always play low. You may be the queen bee in the social circle but it is the bride’s day. Do not try to overpower the bride’s costume, jewellery or make-up. Remember she is the star of the day.

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