Tips For Planning A Fusion Wedding- Part 2

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In the second part of our article on fusion weddings, we take a look at  3 other points that will help you plan the perfect wedding:


Expenses: Somebody once said that planning a wedding is similar to setting up your own house, and here’s why that is just about true. Just like expenses that you may not have foreseen usually come up while setting up your own place, hidden costs and surprise expenses may jump up when you are fusion wedding planning too. Although setting up a budget is important or costs could really go sky-high, always keep a buffer budget of 10 % – 20% as well, to cover anything that may come up later. Fusion weddings are no doubt expensive especially if you want to do things right and that’s where your partner and you need to decide exactly which factors matter the most. Is fine dining at the reception important or is your heart set on that 1000 seater 7 star reception hall for the ceremony? Is it important for you to be seen in a designer wedding gown or is going with an exotic fusion wedding theme more appealing? Sit down with a fusion wedding planner and work out 4 – 5 options and then decide which one suits the budget best.


Location: In India, weddings are always a family affair and that could be one reason why most weddings are held in one’s ancestral town or place. Choosing the perfect location is always tricky because both families are certain to have plenty of friends and family members in the respective cities or towns they come from. We have three suggestions to make in this regard. Going with a venue that is altogether different (choose a location that is equidistant in terms of travel for family members from both sides) is a good idea and makes sense if you both plan to have just one ceremony. On the other hand, if there are two separate wedding ceremonies involved, it makes sense to host them both in the respective town, city or state where the bride and groom are from. That way, you can be certain that all the people who matter most will be there to celebrate this auspicious occasion in person. A third option would be to have a destination wedding and treat that as a vacation for the family members and guests involved.


Add your Personal Touch– Yes, it is important to honour rituals, customs and traditions on both sides but it does not mean that you have to go strictly by the book and keep your likes and dislikes aside. For example, if you like all things lace and vintage, there are many ways in which these can be safely and stunningly incorporated into a fusion wedding without hurting any family member’s sentiments. If you would prefer to go with your own wedding theme instead of going with one that’s trending, then you will have more scope to include the little things that you have an eye for and which you would like to see on your wedding day. A personal touch could include anything- from a customised cake topper to a cake design that has been sketched by you to creating a family tree or giving handcrafted return favours to guests.

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