Tips For Planning A Fusion Wedding- Part 3

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In the last part of our article on fusion weddings, let’s take a look at three more points to bear in mind when sitting down with your wedding planner:


Communication is the Key- Plenty of miscommunication takes place between families that come from the same community or state so imagine the many issues that can come up in a multicultural wedding! One of the best ways to cut down any future animosity is to include important family members from both sides while planning the wedding. This not only shows your consideration as a future daughter-in-law but also shows how open you are to accepting and understanding a new culture and customs. It is also a good option to consider letting guests have some idea about the kind of fusion wedding you are planning and also about your partner so that there are no misunderstandings later on. In fact, if you are planning to host two separate ceremonies, it gives guests the time to plan their schedules as well.


Avoid Comparisons: Weddings are slowly becoming meaningful ceremonies with rituals that have a huge significance for the newly wedded couple. Contrast DIY weddings or simple ceremonies to the big fat Indian weddings that have garnered so much of attention over the years due to the massive expenditure incurred and also due to its sheer opulence. Going overboard with your budget for a fusion wedding is so easy but instead of comparing your wedding details to others’ and planning everything with a ‘picture-perfect wedding’ in mind, focus on the little details that really do matter. After all, a wedding should never be about showing off to the world, but instead should focus on celebrating a new union and the coming together of two families.


Get advice & Take Help: Strangely, many daughter-in-laws feel that asking a future mother-in-law for help or advice is likely to be looked down upon or will be considered weak. In a nutshell, there are so many things that could wrong in a major way for a fusion wedding and getting as much advice and asking for help straight on will go a long way in reducing the stress on your shoulders. Elders love to help and their involvement can lay the foundation for a better bond between the families itself. In fact, one of the best decisions that you must consider is to keep aside a fixed budget for a wedding coordinator or planner as dealing with multiple vendors for a fusion wedding can become seriously strenuous. Make time to enjoy planning your wedding or it’ll seem like a project that’s become an overnight headache.

We hope you enjoyed reading our articles on fusion weddings. We would love to hear from you especially if you have planned a fusion wedding yourself, so feel free to share your views and feedback with us.

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