Tips for Playing Matchmaker at Your Wedding

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Weddings can be a magical time in one’s life, not only for the bride and groom themselves, but also for the wedding guests. Love is most definitely in the air throughout the rituals of an Indian wedding, and our family and closest friends have a front row seat to what love can bring. Are any of your closest friends single and looking for love? Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to play Cupid and introduce single, like-minded friends. If you have a couple wedding guests in mind that you’re looking to set up, consider some of these helpful tips.

Encourage their self-confidence 

If your friend is lacking the physical or emotional courage to mingle and meet someone new, there are plenty of ways to help foster their self-confidence. Any physical imperfections from balding in men to adult acne in women can seriously harm a person’s self-confidence, but it’s important they know that the right person will value what’s on the inside most. Encourage a self-conscious friend with words of affirmation or point them in the direction of a therapist who can help improve their self-esteem. Regardless of the way in which you help them, be sure they’re fully ready to dive into the world of dating before you set them up.

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Find out what kind of person they’re looking for (if they’re looking) 

Once you’ve discovered which of your single wedding guests are ready to put themselves out there and are open to being set up, it’s essential that you ask what they’re looking for. If you have a friend who’s not looking for anything long-term and you lead them toward someone ready to get married and have kids, chances are that things could end poorly. Ask your single friends, who is and isn’t ready to be in a relationship  in order to avoid rubbing anyone the wrong way. Then, use your knowledge of your friends and their future aspirations to best decide who they might be a good match with. Remember, if you’re not sure, then it might be best to avoid pairing them in the first place.

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Make sure they’re invited to the same parts of the wedding

In the few days of wedding festivities leading up to the big day, you’ll find that there are several opportunities for the singles to chat. Make sure that the two are invited to the same traditional wedding rituals that apply to guests, from the sangeet all the way up to the ceremony and reception.

During the sangeet and receptions, some couples call for the bride and groom’s closest friends to eat, drink, and perform dances, which are all great ways for singles to let loose and get to know one another. When it’s decided whether or not two people are compatible, allowing them to interact and be close to each other throughout the ceremonies can facilitate a fun and memorable meet-cute.

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Weddings are the perfect chance for people at every stage Keep your friends’ best interest as a priority, lead two hearts together, and let the universe take over.of life to let their hair down, dance, socialize, and embrace love. The wedding day can not only be the most memorable day in the bride or groom’s life, but it can also be a turning point for some of your most favorite people. Use the above tips and play the ideal matchmaker for your Big Day!

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