Tips on Choosing the Right Wedding Makeup Artist

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Girls and makeup go hand in hand like cheese & wine or even strawberries and cream. As a little girl, you loved strutting around in your mother’s high heels, pouting in front of the mirror and putting on some lipstick too. So, when it comes to your big day, why compromise on finding the best makeup artist within your budget?


We want you to look every inch the princess that you truly are and believe us, you will look drop dead gorgeous in the right pair of capable hands. Follow our tips and your dream wedding look will be much closer than you know!



Go for Experience: Would you want to trust your bridal ‘look’ to a newcomer or to an artist who is just starting out? Unless such a person comes with seriously high recommendations, list ‘must have experience’ as your top priority. Every wedding demands a different bridal look as deemed appropriate for the occasion. For instance, no bride would be caught dead wearing Goth makeup for a beach wedding because that would simply be unforgivable! If you plan to have a beach wedding , a fusion wedding or just a simple ceremony, make sure that your makeup expert has prior experience in handling such a bridal wedding look. Shortlist at least 5 salons or makeup experts who you can meet in person. And when you do meet them, don’t hesitate to ask for their wedding portfolio or references of the work they have done previously.




Check Availability: Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your makeup artist will be available on your wedding day just because the two of you met in person once. Most established makeup salons require a confirmed booking at least a few days in advance of your wedding date. Plus, be sure as to who exactly is going to be by your side and dressing you up for the occasion. If you have multiple ceremonies on the same day for which different looks have been planned, it makes sense to hire a makeup artist who will be with you the entire day. As long as the person is available when you need him/her, it allows you to enjoy your moment without worrying if your kajal is running or not!


Your Comfort level matters: You may approach a really big name in style and makeup, but if you are unable to build a rapport with the person in charge of transforming you, then it’s an absolute no-no. What you need or rather who you need is a person who is willing to listen to your ideas about how you want to look on your wedding day, make the right suggestions and incorporate your ideas in a way that works for you. Most brides do their homework before settling on a final look and unless you are willing to trust your makeup expert blindly, it’s always good to read up on the latest trending bridal looks or makeup tips as well. After all, it is your face!


Ask for a free trial: Wear the dress you plan to wear on your wedding day, along with any other jewelry or accessories and ask your makeup artist to do a free makeup trial for you. You’ll get a realistic idea of how you will look on your D-day. This is the right time to ask for any changes in the way the makeup has been applied or for a new look altogether. If you still aren’t sure, click a picture of yourself and discuss your look with your family and friends. If it’s necessary, ask your makeup expert for a second trial a few days before your special day. Either way, it’s your right to be 100% satisfied with your bridal look from head to toe on your wedding day!

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