Tips on Taming Your Groomzilla

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Move over grooms, because this article is for the brides. If you’ve wished time and again that your would be groom would just back off from the wedding planning and leave you to decide if the plates should be monogrammed or not, it’s wishful thinking because the age of the ‘non-interfering’ groom simply isn’t likely to come back. On the other hand, a groomzilla who insists on having the last say in everything is most certainly a nightmare to talk to and deal with. While it’s easy to take two steps back and let HIM have the final say in everything, there is no easy way to quieten those warning bells going off in your head saying that this is not how a partnership is supposed to work. And you know what? Your intuition is 100% correct.


So, we decided to take a break from writing for grooms and decided to shift the focus back to writing on grooms and in this case specifically groomzillas. If you’re having visions of a wedding gone all wrong and your dream wedding is biting the dust, now is the time to clear your mind, steel your resolve and to follow these tips in taming the groomzilla:


Believe it or not but there maybe, just maybe a chance that he isn’t really ready to get married. Getting hyper, dominating and throwing attitude does not always mean that a person believes he is the best when it comes to planning things- it could also be one of the first signals of stress and unspoken anxiety. We suggest going out for a walk or for a meal with your better half and communicating. Just talking about the way he is behaving and asking if there is anything about the wedding that is giving him sleepless nights could help him open up. Maybe he didn’t realise he was behaving badly or maybe he would be more relaxed if the wedding date was shifted- whatever be the reasons, talking calmly and honestly will prevent further problems from coming up.


Women all over the world mourn and mope about the fact that they are left to do all the thinking and planning with regard to a wedding and all that the groom has to do is to show up on time wearing a suit that was picked out a day earlier. It’s possible your groom wanted to show you that he is as involved with the wedding as you are. Perhaps he wanted to take some stress off your slim shoulders and so thought that becoming a groomzilla instead was a great way of showing you he cares. Here’s the solution- men like directions and are seriously grateful when they are given specific feedback on the areas where their help is appreciated and those areas where they should just, well, back off. So, think of those aspects of wedding planning where the two of you could work together and let him handle the ‘guy stuff’ like hiring a DJ, putting together a music play list, picking out the wines and liquors (if you plan on serving drinks) and so on. This way you both won’t get in each other’s way.

We’ll be back with more tips on taming your groomzilla so keep reading.

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