Tips On Planning A Simple Bridal Shower

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Bridal showers are tons of fun (no boys allowed!) and if you’re about to throw one for your bestie, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started. If you can afford to throw a lavish bridal shower with all the much-loved perks included, then the sky is really the limit but if on the other hand, you’d like to keep the bridal shower simple yet memorable, then read on. And remember, it’s always the love and effort that goes into the planning which matters more:


For starters, it’s essential to give yourself at least 1- 2 months time to actually plan out each bridal shower detail. Before you decide on where to have the celebration, you need to decide exactly how many other people you are going to invite. Just make sure you don’t leave out any of the bride’s friends who she considers important! Sending out early invitations and asking the invitees to confirm if they will be able to attend the party or not will help you decide on the bridal shower venue.


If you plan to hire a party hall for the bridal shower, do so well in advance (or you may not get a confirmed booking) or if the bride prefers a more intimate gathering, then consider hosting the shower at her favourite restaurant or at a common friend’s place.


It IS a party after all, so don’t scrimp on the decorations but it’s best to stick to one or two colours while doing up the venue and then to coordinate the linen and other decor articles accordingly. You could even do up the place in your friend’s favourite colours! Better still, why not go with a theme?


Have a few fun games for everyone to play. It’s a sure-fire way to break the ice, build new friendships and to share a laugh or two. But take care to ensure that the content of the games do not offend or disrespect the bride, her future husband and his family or the other guests in any way.


Deciding on the menu can be tricky but it’s best to serve a mix of veg and non-veg snacks or a mix of two cuisines which can be enjoyed in small quantities without leaving a mess. You could also decide on the snacks keeping your friend’s food preferences in mind. For example, if she is a health nut, opting for snacks like hummus and pita bread or mini wholegrain sandwiches would be better than serving ‘junk’ food like French fries and burgers. Sweet treats like macaroons and cupcakes are a hot favourite these days.


Have an autograph book filled with impromptu ‘marital advice’ written by the guests for the bride and don’t forget your camera either. After the bridal shower is over, you can make a collage of all the photographs and present it to the bride as a beautiful keepsake as well.

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