Tissue Sarees- For the young at heart

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If you don’t like the idea of wearing a heavy Kanjeevaram silk or a fully embroidered saree on your special day, have you considered a tissue saree instead? The beauty of tissue as a fabric itself is that it is extremely light-weight in nature and sits very lightly yet elegantly on your body, thereby giving you the freedom to move around without feeling conscious at all. Moreover, if wearing sarees are not really your thing, then we promise you that a tissue saree will be like your best friend on your wedding day- it won’t let you down no matter how long you wear it!

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With tissue sarees, you can opt for light coloured ones with delicate embroidery work or choose a saree with exquisite work featuring stones, sequins and other handiwork. Glass tissue sarees are quite popular with young brides for reception parties and for other functions because of their ‘youthful’ look and also because of the lovely sheen that they have- which of course, makes you look extra glamorous under the arc lights on your special day. In addition, glass tissue sarees are highly comfortable to wear, so even if you’re celebrating your special day under the hot sun or in any other kind of climate; you’ll find that your saree will still do a great job of keeping you pretty and poised.


So, leave the heavy silks to the older members of the family we say and choose a tissue saree in a design that suits your personality. You’ll enjoy all the compliments as well!







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