Top 10 Wedding Videography Questions Answered

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Of course you’d want to record every moment of your special day- each little wedding moment captured for life. But the videos of your wedding must not be like every other video you record whenever a funny or memorable moment arises in your life. Your wedding video should be as beautiful as the day itself. It should be shot by an ace professional who can transform every little moment into a story. To make that dream come true, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you embark on the journey of finding a good shooter. Here are 10 such wedding videography questions you need to discuss with your significant other….

Don’t Forget to Ask Yourself These 10 Wedding Videography Questions

1. Do we really want this?

What is that one reason for which you want to hire a videographer for your wedding? Especially, if you are a person who prefers still photographs over videos. But there are moments which need to be captured in their entirety, and not as fragments. There you need a videographer. This will give you a clear picture of what you want to be photographed versus what you want to be recorded.

2. How to find a good videographer?

While Google is always our go-to place whenever we need to find anything, the best way to find a good videographer is always asking your friends and relatives who have just got married. They can give you the best recommendations along with real life tips and feedback. Once you get a list, start doing your research. Visit their online portfolios, check the rates as well as the availability. Check out top videographers listed on our site.

3. Do we need to find a photographer and a videographer who have worked with each other before?

Though it is not mandatory to find a photographer and a videographer who are BFFs, it is important to check whether they have any previous experience of working together or not. If they share a good camaraderie, it will spell magic for you.

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4. Ask to see their previous work

During your interview sessions with the top videographers, request them to show you 20-25 mins long footage of wedding videography, not just 5 minutes’ highlights. Check the video quality, detailing, audio as well as a smooth editing.

5. Are we comfortable with special effects?

The editor’s temptation to add special effects often spoil a wedding video. Therefore, ask yourself how much of it you actually want. Take a note of all the special effects you do not want in your wedding videography so that you can share your inputs with the videographer.

6. Is it necessary to get along well with the videographer?

Your wedding videographer is going to spend a great amount of time with you for almost a week. Also, that person is going to work in a close proximity with you. Which is why it is important to feel comfortable having that person around you. If there’s any issue between you and the shooter, it will become evident in the output.

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7. What style will the videos will be shot in?

The two main video formats are film and digital. While digital is quickly becoming a popular choice for many, purists always tend to have a soft spot for film format. Be it the elegance of the medium or the artistic flexibility and purity that film format offers, when it comes to your wedding videography, the choice shall be yours. Or you can discuss this point in detail with the shooter, go through videos shot in different formats, see the difference, and only then take a decision.

8. What equipment do they use?

This is a concern for many as the last thing you’d want to see at the venue is a huge range of bulky equipment scattered everywhere around your venue. So ask your videographer to send you a list of equipment they are going to use. This way, you can plan how to accommodate it and reduce the risk of people tripping over wires or huge camera stands.

9. Which parts of the wedding they will shoot, and which parts they won’t?

As we discussed above, be clear about your requirements. Some moments are best captured in still photographs. Maybe, for those particular moments you’d want to give the photographers more space. Sit with the photographer and videographer to make sure they are on the same page.

10. What are the current trends?

Do your research, ask professionals, seek help from your friends. After all; you want the best for your wedding day.

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