Top 8 Honeymoon Wellness Spas In India

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What if you could combine the luxury of a massage at a wellness spa along with the ‘me-time’ that a holiday gives you? Yes, booking a short stay at a wellness spa for couples is now hotel and trending in India because couples don’t just want to hop on to the next flight and merely sight-see any more. Instead, what they do want is to spend a few days getting to know one and another and building a strong bond. Not to forget, indulging in some heavy pampering for the mind, body and spirit.

Sounds interesting? Well, then here’s a list of the top 8 wellness spas for couples in India which guarantee an unforgettable experience:

Maya Spa, Kerala

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Image courtesy Zuri Hotels

Kumarakom has always been known for the serene waters of the Vembanad Lake and its home to a much frequented spa as well. Ayurveda treatments, Thai Massages and even stone therapy sessions are a few of the offerings available.

Madhuban Resort & Spa, Gujarat

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Image courtesy Madhuban Resort and Spa

The wellness spa is renowned for its courteous staff and impeccable service, which truly pep up the body from within. The resort has a village like surreal setting with a warm ambience that is a far cry from the other modern spas and resorts that dot cities. Great food and great hospitality guaranteed.

Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore

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Image courtesy Deals and You

The Golden Palms Hotel is pretty well-known and when you have well-trained staff to attend to you, you can expect nothing less than a heavenly experience. The many spa therapies that are available range from Indian treatments to Oriental and there are body wraps available too. Couples would do well to try out the sauna and make some time for meditation too.

Jiva Spa, Bekal


The focus of Jiva Grande has always been to facilitate a couple’s journey to wellness. This wellness spa offers wellness programs which include yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual sessions. Couples can choose from a range of customised treatments such as beauty rituals and Indian aromatherapy sessions. Plus, couples will love the scenic views and service too.

Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad

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Image courtesy Banasura

Ayurveda has since long believed to hold the secrets for a perfect mind and body. The Banasura Hill Resort is a wonderful testament to the fact that age old traditions are held sacred here and given full importance in every way. The lush greenery is a sight for tired eyes and is a visual treat to behold.

Wildflower Hall Spa, Shimla

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Image courtesy Enroute Wonders

Is a famous hill station really home to a wellness spa? What if we told you that the Wildflower Hall Spa stands at a height of more than 8000 feet and elevates your mind to a completely different level? Known for its Ayurvedic and Oriental treatments, couples who want a bit of privacy during the treatments can be assured of the same.

Kaya Kalp, Agra

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Image courtesy Spas and Salons

Think Agra and the glorious Mughal reign comes to mind. So, it’s no surprise that this wellness spa is one of the largest in India and carries many influences of Mughal architecture as well as landscaping effects. When one is surrounded by so much of natural beauty, it’s nothing short of spell binding. The foot and body massages here come highly recommended by other guests.

Rudraksha Tree Spa, Dehradun

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Image courtesy Vishanti Resorts

Step into a spa that has a real rudraksha tree growing in its vicinity, and which is surrounded by bamboo trees. With the gentle fragrance of lemongrass in the air, guests are treated to a range of therapies which use ingredients that are specially grown in-house. You are guaranteed organic rejuvenating therapies which uplift your mind and body.

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