Top 2015 Destination Wedding Locations

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If you truly want a grand wedding that spells luxury, fun and lavishness straight from a fairytale then a destination wedding is what you should opt for. Not satisfied with merely having the wedding ceremony in a crowded hall anymore, couples are willing to splurge and to give their guests something more to remember the happy occasion by. The top wedding destinations around the world keep changing every year, and this year here are the top destination wedding spots:


Thailand: Not surprisingly, Thailand remains the favourite destination wedding spot for Indians this year too. Besides being situated in Asia itself, Thailand is truly exotic in every sense of the word. Many top hotels and resorts actually have special wedding packages for couples who want to combine a holiday and a wedding together. Great food, bustling nightlife, a thriving culture and plenty of tourist spots to visit make Thailand the first natural choice for destination weddings. The wonderful sublime weather all year around also means that couples don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises. A wedding held here will be one to remember always.


New York: Yes, getting there will require plenty of patience and a keen love for travel on your part, but no one can deny that the Big Apple has infinite charm of its own. Besides being home to some world famous tourist sights, New York has captivated the hearts and minds of people for centuries. There is so much to see in this lovely yet busy city that we think getting a pre or post candid wedding photography album shot here, will be worth your time, money and memories. Manhattan is the preferred spot for couples about to say I Do, because of its cosmopolitan nature. Your guests are certain to have a fantastic time here.


Greece: If you want to get married in a country that is rich in history, has some serious breath taking views, lovely people to celebrate with you, mouth watering food and pristine style; then Greece is your answer. Poems and books have been written on this beautiful country which is home to so many loved Gods and Goddesses, besides carving a name for itself throughout history. Even today, tourists flock to see the many architectural wonders that have seen legends walk, the huge mountains in which Zeus is believed to reside in and to sample the rich Mediterranean cuisine which has been proven to be heart healthy. One can’t ask for a more picturesque location or for a more budget friendly European destination wedding location either!


Italy: Speaking about Europe, Italy in now on the list of hot 2015 destination wedding locations and with very good reason too. It may have had something to do with a certain Mr George Clooney saying his wedding vows in Venice (and breaking many hearts in the process we may add!), but couples who can afford it are headed here for the wedding of a lifetime. Much has been written about the Italian passion for the perfect bread and coffee and it’s a known fact that Italy as a country is always in the mood to celebrate romance and love. There are so many locales here that serve as the perfect backdrop for a wedding. We suggest taking time off to create your own special themed wedding photograph album.

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