Top 2016 Wedding Themes

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There’s something special about having a wedding ceremony that has a wedding theme attached to it. Right from the wedding invitations that are handed to guests to the bow-tie worn at the reception by the groom, colour and style play a very important role in a theme. 2015 was the year of feminine shades and interesting wedding themes that were inspired by nature, the movies and by glamour itself. Let’s take a look at the top 2016 wedding themes you are likely to see this year:

Green & Outdoor 2016 Wedding Theme

top 2016 wedding theme

Image by Nidhi Kashyap Photography

Green is in! As couples make efforts to keep their weddings as eco-friendly as possible by opting for organic food and responsibly harvested grains not to forget using bio-degradable products where possible, it looks like the trend continues in 2016 as well. Outdoor weddings and garden weddings will continue to enthral guests as the party moves from the indoors to the outdoors. In fact, using the outdoors as a wedding venue is a pretty smart idea because you get to use natural props to make the venue more beautiful. That itself brings down your wedding décor costs, making this a top 2016 wedding theme!

Vintage Wedding 2016 Wedding Theme

top 2016 wedding theme

Image by Vivah Photo

Last year, we asked you to dig into your grandmother’s treasured vintage saree collection and to pick out heritage handloom sarees to wear on your big day. Yes, vintage is very much in and the glamour that was often associated with the 60’s and 70’s makes a big comeback this year and is likely to stay in vogue all the way through December. Going vintage does not mean that you have to say a firm no to a splendid colourful Indian wedding. It just means that you get to choose décor and Indian wear that is stylish, elegant and unique. We suggest playing around with shimmery shades like golden glitter or bronze and pairing them with deep brown, grey or maroon. Undoubtedly, vintage earns its place as a top 2016 wedding theme.

Pastel Wedding 2016 Wedding Theme

top 2016 wedding theme

Image by Vipurva Parikh Photography

If loud colours aren’t your thing, then why not opt for a wedding theme which features soft feminine pastel colours? You may be surprised to know this but a baby pink sherwani or a light mint green kurta will bring out the best features in your man. Pastel is easy on the eyes and with so many ice-cream shades to choose from, you get to play with so many colours that actually go well together. We suggest choosing baby pink, baby blue, peach, lavender and cream. Besides, you can be assured that any photographs that are clicked will look extra lovely with gentle hints of colour.

Bollywood 2016 Wedding Theme

top 2016 wedding theme

Image by Dream in Focus

Taking a cue or two from the movies never hurts and Bollywood still reigns supreme when it comes to spectacular sets and images. However, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found down south as well if the lavish wedding set inspired by Bahubali which drew gasps of wonder at Ravi Pillai’s daughter’s wedding is anything to go by. If you are opting for a Bollywood wedding theme too, we suggest going with one or two specific Bollywood movies instead of opting for a mish-mash of colours and designs. The wedding décor can also include artwork featuring stills or characters from the movies which have inspired this top 2016 wedding theme.

Do share your comments and feedback on our top 2016 wedding themes with us because we love to hear from our readers!

Main Image by Dream in Focus

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