The Top 4 Things Every Bride To Be Needs To Hear

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Being a modern day bride can be really stressful. After all, there are so many expectations that near and dear ones may have about the wedding, about the ensemble that the bride is seen in, about the food that will be served and lest we forget; the bride to be has plenty of expectations about how her big day will turn out to be as well. That’s why, it’s important to help the bride to be stay cool and calm when she is a bunch of nerves and has second thoughts and a 100 opinions about everything. Here are the top 4 things that every bride needs to hear:

Your Wedding Wear Is Gorgeous

Now, we don’t blame brides for having multiple strains of thought when it comes to picking up the right wedding wear. With a zillion options around and some of the best designers in the world right here in India, picking up just one style from all the options available is near impossible. That’s why, when the bride to be talks about going with a dress she saw in last week’s Vogue, you need to tell her that whatever she has chosen will make her look every inch the princess that she is.

Your Figure Is Fine As It Is

Who wouldn’t want to look like a model in the spotlight on one’s wedding day? Brides come in all shapes and sizes and if the bride to be in your house has been working out very hard to get into shape, then it’s important to motivate her. Even if there is the faintest hint of cellulite, a jiggle here or there or even a love handle that may be spotted, encourage the bride to be to love her new body as it is. She needs to look healthy, radiant and happy on her wedding day not look like she starved herself just to look gorgeous.

We Are Always There For You

Along with the natural excitement comes the jitters of leaving a home that a bride to be has grown up in and the people she has loved all her life. Getting a daughter married doesn’t mean that her family ties are being cut. So if the bride to be in your house is feeling anxious about what lies ahead for her, it’s important to calm her down and make her feel that she always has a safety nest to come home to. Her loved ones will always be there for her and with her come what may.

Focus On The Sanctity Not On Getting It Perfect

Most of the times, the meaning of a marriage itself is lost in the attempts to put up a wedding show that beats what the neighbours did last year. It’s important to remember that two people are coming together to work together as a team for life and that’s the only thing that needs to be focused on. Any wedding ceremony has its own share of little errors that may or may not be noticed. A bride to be shouldn’t stress about such things at all!

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