Top 5 exercises that a bride-to-be must do

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In the midst of all the wedding preparations, shopping, guest lists, invitations, and dreaming about the D-day, one thing that invariably takes a backseat is fitness. With all those moments of indulgence in sweet treats, and no time to think of exercise, brides tend to gain some weight, and begin feeling sluggish and stressed out. The only way to look perfectly fit, glowing, and confident on your wedding day is to stick to an exercise routine comprising of some simple yet essential workouts. Here are the top 5 exercises that every bride-to-be must do.


Before you start with any exercise that targets a specific body part, it is important that you do a warm up workout. Skipping releases tensions from muscles, and prepares the body for rigorous exercise. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise, and helps burn calories.



Looking for slim and toned up legs, butt, and thighs? Squats are the way to go. The best thing about this exercise is that it is super simple; all you need to do is stand with your feet apart, and bend down in a way that your thighs get parallel to ground. Come back to standing position, and keep repeating the exercise for a minute.



10-15 reps of lunges a day can tone up your lower body. Stand with your feet apart, take your left foot forward, and then bend both legs into a 90 degree ensuring that your right leg is close to the ground. Come back to standing position, and repeat with right leg.



Perform crunches to get those amazing abs that you have always dreamt of. Lie down on a yoga mat, and put your hands behind your head in a way that elbows are facing outwards. Now using your ab muscles try to get up.



We know how much women hate to do pushups, but to strengthen the core and condition the upper body there is no other better exercise.


These simple exercises will help realise your goal of looking your best at your wedding. Stay tuned to our posts for more tips on being healthy and looking beautiful.

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