Top 5 Items On Our ‘Never Buy Online’ Bridal List

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Buying anything at all has become so much easier because all you need is just the click of a button and you can literally have the whole world in your basket, or should we say shopping cart! But as a bride to be, what are the top 5 things you should never buy online no matter how enticing the deal or how gorgeous it looks online? We’ve put together a never buy bridal list for you:

Your Wedding Wear

You may think that the cream coloured wedding gown you’re seeing online is the perfect one for you. Or that peach coloured lehenga is a piece that will make you look as radiant as any Bollywood celeb. But here’s what you need to keep in mind- what you see is most likely not going to be what you really get. Unless you feel and experience the flow of the fabric for yourself, you will end up settling for a piece that is just second best. Purchase your wedding wear in person.


Here’s another item on our never buy bridal list. Under bright lights, even the palest of shades is likely to look richer and darker. The best way to find out which cosmetic suits your skin tone and attire is to try it out in person. Would you believe that different shades of lippies and eye shadows actually look different from one person to the next because we all wear our cosmetics uniquely. Invest in good brands that make you look like a goddess.

never buy bridal list

Sweets & Other Edible Goodies

Gifting sweets to relatives and friends is a favourite Indian tradition but we wouldn’t advise ordering edible items off the Internet and then gifting them to near and dead ones. Here are two reasons why- firstly, you can’t be 100% certain about the expiry date. Unless you really know the brand well and you have tried their offerings before, the quality could be questionable. On such a happy occasion as a wedding, any sweetmeats you gift should be of the best assured quality.

Luxury Products

Sometimes, the deals you see are simply too good to be true and there’s a good chance that they just may be! Sure you would love to gift your bridesmaids and mom in law to be the best Hermes or Chanel handbag to complement what they wear on your wedding day. But are you sure that you aren’t buying a counterfeit item instead? What you purchase might just be a cheap imitation or could even be a second hand used product. Walk into an authorised designer retail outlet instead and gift your girls a gift that’s genuine in every aspect.


So, you spotted a beautiful pair of pumps which you think will go beautifully with your fusion dress for the mehndi. How can you make certain that the shoes will look great on your feet and they are a size that’s neither too tight nor too loose for you? That’s right- you can’t! No surprises then as to why shoes are featured on our  never buy bridal list then.

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