Top 5 Themes For Your 2019 Wedding

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We know just how hard it can be to choose what to do for your wedding. There are so many great ideas floating around online, all of them more beautiful and creative than the next! So how do you go about focusing all of the wonderful ideas you might have into a doable project? Well, the best way is to simply choose a theme and start working from there.

Even though you may see a lot of recurring themes coming back around every year, what makes your wedding unique is what personal touches you choose to include! Take a theme and make it yours.

Indoor Garden

This can be an absolutely great way to wow your guests and to make your chosen venue that much more impressive. Spruce up the place with flower arrangements. And you don’t have to choose only real flowers either. Go with paper or silk arrangements and make it as extravagant as you want. There are two great advantages to choosing an indoor garden theme. The first is that, whatever the weather, your guests will have the impression of being outdoors. The second is the reduced costs. If you don’t have the means to go all-out on an expensive location, then you can choose something more modest and still make it an exceptional visual experience for your guests.

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Casino Theme

Now, we don’t mean for you to go full Goa-style. However, having a casino-themed wedding can be a great way to incorporate interactive guest games. Not only does it give you the chance to glam up and bedazzle your venue to resemble something out of James Bond movies, but it’s also a great solution to the eternal problem of keeping the guests occupied. The great thing about casino games is that there’s something for everyone. Family members of all ages and walks of life can gather around a game of poker. And the kids can be kept entertained with some free phone casino apps – all with fake money, of course. You can even structure it so that any big progressive jackpot gets given as a wedding present to the bride and groom. Which saves the trouble of putting together a wish-list.

Vintage Theme

Now this one can be an absolutely great way to throw people’s expectations off and work on creating a really cozy, old-school décor. If you’re the type of person who laments today’s ultra-digital age, then it can be great to host an event where everyone is encouraged to go back to their roots. “Vintage” can really mean anything, as the goal is to work with materials that remind you of a long-gone era. This might be one of the most fun themes to work with, as the vintage theme extends to everything. You’ll get the opportunity to look for particularly old-school venues, for one. And you’ll also be able to get as creative as you want when it comes to your outfits! This theme can be really good to cut down prices and still create a charming effect.

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Glamorous & Minimal Colours

If you want to go in the opposite direction and make your wedding look as smart and expensive as you can get it, then going for a modern, cutting-edge minimalist colour scheme can be a great technique. Not only does it automatically give the impression of glamour, it’s also actually quite a great way to simplify your subsequent decorating choices. From your flower arrangements to your wedding garb, you’ll find that having limited colour choice can get rid of a whole lot of stress and difficult decision-making.

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Fusion theme

Having a fusion wedding can be a brilliant way to introduce your relatives and friends to your spouse’s culture, or perhaps to include more of your own interests into an otherwise traditional party. Want to include savoury dishes or venue decorations relating to your spouse’s culture? Feel like adding rituals from both cultures in order to have the most rock-solid bonding ceremony possible?

Well, everything’s possible if you choose this theme. That’s the beauty of it!

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