Top 7 Tips to Make Your Indian Wedding Memorable

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“I am loving the experience of getting married” these must be your words if you are walking down the aisle for the first time. Perhaps, if you are planning to get married in the Indian way you won’t be walking down the aisle. In fact, you will be talking seven rounds around the “kunda of fire”.

The seven rounds will tie you with your partner for next seven births. So, you can be sure that no other way of marriage can guarantee such marital longevity with an assurance that both parties will have to be kind to each other. Therefore, you have made the right choice. Now, you need to think about the necessities that will make your Indian Wedding Memorable.

Let’s take a look at what would help you in making the most spectacular Indian Wedding:

  • 1. Take out the right “Muhurat”. This means finding the auspicious date and time to get married. You can see every thing about the Indian wedding is about making your married life happy and long lasting. Perhaps, this is the secret of long wedded lives of Indian couples.
  • 2. Once this is done, you can decide the place, number of people and the priest for your Indian wedding. Remember to have a conversation with your priest before you appoint him. Often, it happens that priests don’t find the brides or grooms or their family on the same page with them. This creates major fuss on the wedding day as Indian weddings are long ceremonies.
  • 3. Just like the priest, make sure your “mandap” or wedding venue decorator gels with you as well. Same goes for the dress designer and others like the mehndi (henna tattoo) designer, make-up artists etc. Once you find the right candidates you can go to beauty parlors and spas to relax.
  • 4. After your one-two day break is over, send out the wedding invitations to all the enlisted people. Indian wedding cards have all the tradition, culture and attitude of the oriental people inculcated in them. They have a special place for father, mother, chief relatives and almost the entire family in them. So, they are usually big and extremely beautiful. They are decorated with golden linings and always have a picture of lord ganesha embedded on them.
  • 5. Now, get the traditional Indian caterers, ask them to include laddoos, rotis, rice, curry, papads, pickles for the main course. You can also include gulab jamuns or your favorite Indian sweet dish. Remember, all Indian weddings have these included in their menu along with chinese, mediterranean and thai menus. They also include non-veg food items like chicken tandoori, mutton/chicken biryani, chicken/mutton curry, chicken moghlai and butter chicken.
  • 6. You need to buy traditional Indian jewelry for the wedding. In India, jewelry is bought from both sides. Both bride and groom do jewelery and saree shopping for each other’s families. You never buy jewelry just for yourself, you buy for all those people who matter to your bride/groom. So, although this can be a bit expensive. Nevertheless, other cheap but beautiful alternatives are available in today’s market.
  • 7. If you are a girl then your parents will have to buy some gift items that will go with you. For example, then can buy you a doll that you wanted as kid, a jewelry set and other things of your choice. These things are known as “rukhwat” – bride’s property.

I hope that you found the above tips for make your Indian Wedding memorable to be extremely useful. Good wishes from my end!

by Nikita Gharat

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