Top 8 Mistakes Made In Bridal Attire Shopping

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There’s something ethereal about making an entrance in bridal attire at one’s wedding- when everybody’s eyes are on you and you feel nothing less than a queen. It’s no surprise to note then that the bridal wedding industry has simply boomed into a billion dollar industry overnight. Earlier brides were content with just wearing heritage saris, but not anymore. Designers love to tell stories about the peculiar demands that their clients make which could range from designing an exclusive 3d gown to actually creating a never seen before shade of pink!

When you go bridal attire shopping for yourself, take it from us experts- you’ll find plenty of great designs to pick from and we guarantee than your heart won’t be satisfied with just that ONE bridal wear. Here are the top 8 mistakes you need to watch out for whilst hunting for that saree, gown or lehenga choli that makes your heart sing:

Pleasing Everybody

Everybody around you will have an opinion about which specific shade of blue looks great on you, but if it isn’t to your liking, then you don’t have to put up with it just to make everyone happy. If you don’t like what you’re wearing, you won’t be able to rock that look. Simple.

Too much Feedback

Don’t listen to all the positive and negative feedback you get about what to wear and what not to wear. Whose style and dressing advice do you like? Choose not more than three trusted shopping pals and have fun going shopping with them.

Hating What’s Trending

We love the trends doing the rounds and we’re always cheering for brides who have the flair for an unusual ensemble. Even if you don’t want something that’s way too bold for you, there’s no harm in going with a style that’s in vogue. Think about what works well for you.

Only Wants What’s Trending

On the other side of the bridal attire’o’meter are the brides who only want to be spotted in the latest bridal wear- irrespective of whether it suits them or not. Do take a moment to remember that trends come and go but those wedding snaps will be around for the next generation to see as well.

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Going Discount Crazy

Here’s an open secret about discounted bridal attire- it’s only there because the stock being sold is out of fashion, too yesterday or isn’t selling that well. So, is it really worth wearing something just because a certain famous designer has her name on it or because you got it at an unbelievable rate? If discounts are your weakness, then make sure that your purchase hasn’t been damaged or stained in any way.

Shopping Online

We’ve said it a 100 times before- the best way to get clothes that really fit you well is by trying them out in person. Do not be swayed by a well shot professional photograph of a gown or of a saree online, unless you can trust the website 100%. After all, it is your wedding day isn’t it?

Unrealistic Size Purchase

Let’s assume that you want to drop two sizes before your wedding day. It makes sense to purchase bridal wear that’s your current size, so that you can get it shaped up perfectly before the wedding. Buying a gown that’s two sizes small now puts a lot of stress on you to lose that much weight and you’ll end up making a second purchase if the bridal wear doesn’t fit you well later.

Not Having A Budget

Not everyone can afford a true blue designer bridal attire that runs into a few lakhs and that’s why keeping aside a budget is important. There are so many great non-designer options that you can put together yourself and truly make that style your own.

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