Top Ideas For An Arabian Nights Themed Wedding

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You do not have to be rich to have an unforgettable wedding. Wedding themes help personalise the event and irrespective of the theme you choose, you can always find the right ways to represent it. Here we will discuss some romantic Arabian Nights Wedding elements. There is so much you can do in this romantic Mid-Eastern theme: from filling your reception venue with beautiful Arabic style linen, to rolling out beautiful ‘magic carpets’; there are myriad ways to incorporate the Arabic theme into your Big Day.

Here are our favourite picks…


Curtains in bright and dazzling colours are very popular in this theme. Ask your décor manager to hang curtains from the ceiling with shining and glittering lights and chandeliers. This will create a romantic ambience and also a sense of luxury.


Image: Andrew Milne Photography


Orange, aqua, purple, red, dark blue, red or any other colours belonging to the warm or cold colour family are ideal for this type of wedding.

Arabian Nights wedding theme ideas

Image: Colin Cowie weddings

Pillows and linen

The Arabian Nights wedding décor is incomplete without rich and luxurious fabrics. So have plenty of throws, rugs and pillows in a variety of fabrics like velvet, satin, silk, textured, plain, brocade, embroidered etc. You can start with what you already have or rent stuff or even buy these things online. Many home furnishing shops as well as antique stores carry Arabic themed seating elements using which you create a perfect lounging area for your guests. Shawls, stoles and authentic Persian rugs are some other ideas ideal for this theme.

Arabian Nights Moroccan themed wedding ideas


Brass lamps, Arabic glasses and glass bowls filled with grapes or dates, Arabic hookah or pipes are some accents ideal for this decor.


How about gifting your guests cute camel figurines or Aladdin lamps with your names or wedding date embellished on them? You can even go for beautiful beaded Moroccan slippers, dried fruit boxes or tiny bottles of perfumes that are characteristic of the Middle East.

Arabian nights wedding theme

Image: Alieexpress

Wedding cake

Your wedding cake or cup cakes can be shaped in Arabic elements like Aladdin’s magic lamp. Or go for a single heavily decorated cake with intricate Arabic motifs and designs.

Arabic inspired wedding cake via flickr

Photo by Deborah Hwang Cakes via Flickr


Perfectly compliment your evening with traditional Arabic or Moroccan entertaining elements like Belly dancing, sword balancing, etc all accompanied with live drumming or Arabic music.

Your makeup and jewellery

Brides and bridesmaids can go in for Arabic style makeup consisting of kohl lined eyes and darker eye-shadow and blushes. If you like, you can even have Arabic henna designs tattooed on your hands (these are not permanent but do go for an allergy test before applying). Arabic wedding jewellery is bold, so opt for larger eye catching neck pieces and earrings set in rhinestones, diamonds or other precious or semi-precious stones. Do not forget the traditional Arabic head piece as shown in the photo below.

Arabian Nights wedding theme

via YouTube-Asian Bridal Looks

Main image: via Wedbits

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