Top Monsoon Wedding Destinations in India

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The unique geographical location of India offers it a distinct season for heavy rainfall. Traditionally, this season (from June to late August) is considered a lean season for getting married. However, with recent improvements in infrastructure, focus on tourism and developments in the hospitality sector, monsoon does not hamper the wedding plans but offers a beautiful theme and a backdrop for a truly memorable wedding. Coupling the monsoon theme with a destination wedding plan adds to the beauty of the concept. Thus, some of the places with heavy rainfall are now on the radar of wedding planners. These locations offer breath taking vistas and experience of the rains as well as facilities required to host a monsoon wedding without hassles. Following are some of the popular destinations for a monsoon wedding…

  • Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam has always invited tourists to its beautiful, tropical beaches with a splendid view of the sea.  Over the years, it has blossomed into a tourist destination with a variety of hotels and resorts to cater to all budgets. It also offers a variety of foods – both traditional as well as cosmopolitan. Kovalam has a distinct advantage of being well connected to the world. The nearest airport is just 20 kms away, in Trivandrum. It is also connected by rail and road to major cities. If you choose to get wedded in Kerala, you have the option to choose from different themes. For example, you can arrange a special elephant ride for the groom, decked with ornate decorations and a traditional umbrella overhead. This local tradition can add an exotic touch to the wedding. Houseboat weddings are also very popular. It is a beautiful experience to tie the knot, while floating on calm waters, while it rains outside.The diversity of this region facilitates weddings for every religion and culture. The guests at the wedding can also avail of the popular Kerala Ayurveda treatment in spas and yoga centers that abound the area. Altogether, the beauty of the location, the romance of rains and the excellent facilities make Kovalam an ideal wedding destination.

top Monsoon wedding destinations in India

  • Goa

Goa is popular as one of the ever-green destination for tourists all year round. It has also been a popular wedding destination for Indian and Western style weddings. But monsoon has been a lean season for getting married. But that is fast changing. Last year, the hotels in Goa registered an impressive growth in the number of weddings hosted. Planning a monsoon wedding in Goa can earn you special discounts and special offers.  It is easier to find venues and planners easily in monsoon, than in the peak season from October to February. So, even if you have started planning very late, you can still find a good venue in Goa. Goa offers varied wedding themes in different types of settings. Besides the beautiful beach weddings (which are the most popular), there are other exotic options. For instance, you can choose a historic church or a fort as a backdrop of your special day. Some of these locations require special permits, but the process is streamlined and wedding planners can help with these arrangements. Goan cuisine is world famous. The hotels and resorts here offer excellent varieties of local and global food, to cater to the tastes of the wedding guests. While in Goa, they can also enjoy the pristine scenery or the active nightlife for parties. Water sports and water-parks add to the variety on offer in Goa.

Houseboat wedding-top wedding destinations for monsoon weddings in India

  • Lonavala

If you are looking for a monsoon wedding destination that is tucked away in mountains, yet connected to the rest of the country, consider Lonavala. This beautiful hill station is in the Sahyadri mountain range of Maharashtra. The Mumbai-Pune expressway cuts through the town, hence it is easily accessible. The region is famous for its beauty in the rains. You can enjoy cascading waterfalls and rivulets everywhere. It is no wonder that Lonavala is fast becoming a popular wedding destination in monsoon. The resorts and hotels in and around Lonavala offer lucrative packages for planning weddings. Besides soaking in the rains, the guests can also visit tourist attractions, dams and forts in the vicinity.

Della resorts-Ideal wedding venue for Monsoon weddings in India

Image: Della Resorts

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