10 Tips To Look Photogenic in All Your Wedding Photographs

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As a bride, you are going to be clicked hundreds of times on your wedding day. Naturally, the last thing you’d want is awkward or unflattering photos with eyes half closed. So, today we have some important tips for you that will make you look photogenic and help you get the best  wedding or pre-wedding photographs.

Tips to look photogenic in your wedding pics

  • Choose bright colours

how to look photogenic in your wedding pics

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Your bridal attire is an important part of your overall look. Naturally you must choose bolder and more solid colours so as to draw the observer’s attention . Choose a bridal outfit that suits your body shape and skin tone. We have many tips in this regard here and here.

  •  A tip to keep your eyes open for the cameras

Many of us tend to blink when a picture is about to be taken. A trick is to keep the eyes closed and open them slowly just before the photographer clicks the camera.

tips to look gorgeous in wedding photos

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  • Ensure that your makeup is perfect

This means that the foundation should match the skin tone exactly. A little too light and the effect in photos is bound to be unflattering.

  • Study yourself in the mirror/or take a look at your old photos

Take a look at some of your favourite photos of yourself (or try posing in front of the mirror). This can help you emulate your best poses, or smile or hold your chin in a particular manner that makes you look flawless.

look photogenic in your wedding photos

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  • Get a good night’s sleep

When you are well rested the night before, it will show in the photographs the next day.

  •  Smile and Smile some more!

 Let your teeth show. And smile genuinely. It is the only expression that looks good on everybody and makes the viewer happy.

  • Jazz up your eyes.


image: Moments That Matter Photography

The eyes are the windows to your soul. Ask your stylist to get creative with the eye liner/ kajal. Express your emotions through your eyes. The best pictures have eyes that speak to the viewer.

  •  Tilt your neck sideways, just a little


image: Moments That Matter Photography

You are not getting a passport photo taken. So create an angle for the photographer. Chin up and chin down can also help in creating a noticeable difference.

  •  If you are getting profile shots done, hold something in your hand/s

A flower/ a candle/ a coffee mug/ a pen/ a newspaper/ a pair of spectacles/ an ear ring… anything that is near you/ available to you. Empty hands can kill a good picture.

  • Finally-Be confident!

You are no less beautiful than Madhubala/ Marilyn Monroe/ the fantasy woman of your groom-to-be. It’s all in the mind. So think you are that iconic woman and pose with confidence. Every picture will be a winner straight away!

 With inputs from: Shashank Mahaswade/Moments That Matter Photography

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