Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Day Entertainers

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There are few things that couples rate highly as far as their wedding day-must-haves are concerned. High up in this list are great food and awesome entertainment. Good wedding day entertainment can certainly add to the ambience and set the flavour and tone of your celebration. Most couples these days have an additional Sangeet or cocktail party, and, naturally the entertainment on these occasions must include good music that can make all the guests dance. However, if you have a lot of older guests at the celebration, you might also want to think about them. Most elderly guests would prefer and appreciate a quieter celebration: maybe a Ghazal night, or a stand up comedian to make everyone laugh. So here we are presenting you with a few options and tips that can help ease your selection process of wedding day entertainers:

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Experience-Experience is everything as far as wedding entertainment is concerned. The ‘chosen ones’ should know what they are doing and must be able to entertain audiences of all age groups. They must certainly not be ignorant of factors that are invariably present at an Indian wedding.

See them in action– If you can, it is best to see the band/comedian perform first. This can give you an idea whether your family and friends will also enjoy the entertainers.

Talk to them in-person:  Most entertainers have agents on call/chat all through the week. So, do call or visit them in person and tell them your expectations. Most professionals would likely make suggestions that can help you organize and plan your day better.

Do not try to make them do what they can’t– Often families hosting weddings, approach entertainers with a fixed set of ideas. For example, they go to these big orchestras expecting them to play certain kinds of music. The problem with this approach is that they might not have the expertise of doing what you want them to do. So : it is best to approach bands/entertainers known for specific genres.

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Gauge the audience– Sure you have a specific idea in mind as to what your wedding day entertainer should and shouldn’t do.  However, you also need to consider the opinion of your parents as well. Ask yourself: Is this chosen entertainment right for the venue we have selected? If you have chosen a genre specific entertainer, are they right for your entire audience?

Some more tips for choosing wedding day entertainers

  1. Choose flexible players– Choose an entertainer who can cater to various genres. If possible get a band that can play Film music, rap and hip-hop or also film music from the earlier decades. Choose bands that can play the latest movie music as well.
  2. Try and see them in action– ask them if you could see them perform at wedding/events.
  3. Choose entertainers having more than one type of performer. This will ensure more variety and flexibility.
  4. Choose entertainers that give you a whole package– if the same entertainers perform on all occasions of your wedding, you have fewer suppliers to deal with and, as a result, can negotiate better price.
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