Top Trending Bachelor/Hen Party Ideas

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If you thought that a bachelor or a bachelorette party was all about shiny disco balls, loud music and a cute bartender serving alcoholic cocktails, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, ‘wild’ parties do happen every now and then but of late, we’ve noticed that grooms and brides are more interested in focusing on strengthening bonds with friends and getting more for every buck spent. One reason for this could be that most newly-wed couples relocate after marriage in order to take up new jobs and to begin afresh. Another reason could also be that couples do get busy after marriage (whether they like to admit it or not!) and may not have as much time as before to spend socialising with old time buddies. Here are a few trends we noticed doing the rounds:


Signing up for boot camp : Exercise never actually featured on the bachelorette party agenda, but sweating it out and pulverising those love handles and bumps out to make way for a shiny curvy body is actually in! Many brides love the idea of putting their body through a gruelling workout and when you’ve got your besties by your side, exercise does become all the more fun. Add to that, relaxed evenings spent over wine and gossip and boot camp classes that range from 3 days to a week actually don’t sound like a punishment.


Safari Trips: If money isn’t a constraint then take your bachelor party to an exotic location like South Africa for a wildlife safari experience. And if you would prefer something close to home, then how about spending a few days among tigers and other wild beasts at acclaimed National Parks like the Corbett National Park or the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary? With awesome accommodationsand even tent like facilities available to suit any kind of budget, taking a walk on the wild side is one of the best ways to bond with friends. Bonfires at night and lip smacking regional cuisine serve as added bonuses.


Spa Resorts: Imagine staying at a spa for a few days and having your every need attended to. Spa resort bachelorette parties are becoming quite popular and for very obvious reasons. Firstly, most spa resorts are located away from the hustle and bustle of city life and give guests a chance to unwind with nature. Secondly, many of these spa resorts also have customised packages for the mind and body and also offer special beauty packs depending upon the skin type. Yoga sessions, meditation, organic food, detox diets and sessions with wellness consultants are just a few of the other benefits and services that your friends and you can look forward to.


Hikes & Treks: As you can imagine, many grooms are heading to the hills and mountains with their buddies for an out of this world trekking experience. Hiking, biking on lonely trails, trekking, white water rafting- take your pick from a long exciting list of group activities that are trending and which are certain to give your adrenalin a boost. Even if you aren’t the always-up-for-an-adventure sort of person, we suggest keeping an open mind if your best friends are planning this kind of a trip for your bachelor party. Once you huddle under your blanket in front of an open fire with a vast expanse of stars above you, trust us, you’ll become a fan.

There are so many ways to celebrate bidding adieu to bachelorhood or bachelorette hood. So take your pick and let the planning begin now!

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