Traditional Kerala Sarees – Classy yet Youthful

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Kerala or ‘God’s own Country’ as this coastal is popularly known as is also famous for its trademark ‘Kerala saree’. The ‘ Kerala Saree’ as this gorgeous piece of fabric is better known as today, is quite simple in its appearance- the entire body has an off-white or cream coloured shade accompanied by a thin or thick gold border which is locally known as the ‘kasavu’. 


Kerala Sarees are usually worn for very important occasions such as for religious ceremonies, during Onam festivities and of course, by Hindu brides for weddings as well. Traditionally, a Kerala saree used to be hand-woven from pure cotton with a pallu that varied between 1 to 6 inches. The traditional method of wearing this set-saree (the Kerala saree combined with a colourful blouse) was quite simple and showed off the rich gold border beautifully on the thigh when worn. Another reason why set- sarees are also quite popular is because they can be paired with blouses of different hues to create a new look each time.

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On the other hand, Hindu brides prefer Kerala sarees which are a mix of cotton- silk and which also have intricate woven designs such as birds, flowers and other motifs on the pallu and body. The thickness of the kasavu or gold border depends on one’s preference although a thick gold border is often considered regal. Most Hindu brides prefer to wear a silk gold coloured blouse along with a Kerala saree on their special day although blouses of other light or bright shades may also be preferred.

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Even when worn with minimal gold jewellery, a Kerala saree can make any bride look classy and youthful at the same time. / / / /

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