Traditional Wedding Invitations With A Sprinkle Of Creativity

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Wedding invitations are an integral part of wedding planning and can set the tone for your big day. Majority of the couples want their invitation to have a touch of uniqueness and personal style to it. At the same time, it carries the risk of lacking the traditional flavor and ending up being too casual for the event. Is there a way to strike a right balance between keeping it traditional, yet bring in creativity? It can be tricky. Here are some invitations that do it right:

 1. Spicy Indian tea for a wedding invite

Create a unique wedding invite with personalized tea bags for each event. Accent it with subtle shimmering gold envelope to bring in the traditional wedding charm.

unique wedding invitations

 2. An interactive card which tells your story

Include a snapshot of you and your fiancé to tell the story of your love in a flipping cool way. An interactive card that swings to reveal your wedding message.

3.  Announce your big news in an invitation that looks like a newspaper

You can add fun challenge to your friends and family by creating wedding invitation puzzles in the “fun corner”. Whether your guests play long enough to get the game right, or just dive right in and unfold the whole thing, the heartfelt love in delivering your wedding news will not go unnoticed.

unique wedding invitations for Indian weddings

4. Illustrate your story through one of the ancient Indian art forms

And to add more to it, design the invitation itself like a palm scripture itself. It brings in a classy traditional touch to the otherwise plain invite.

unique Indian wedding invitations with warli print

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unique wedding invitations for Indian brides and groomsThis is a guest post by Ramya, the founder of Kards, a creative invitation design studio where all those vague concepts/ideas in your mind are visualized into admirable invitations. If you are the kind of couple who is bored of seeing the same old invitations, reach out to Ramya. At Kards, the focus is on making every card unique and customized specially for you. The team will take time to listen to your story and make sure your card reflects who you are! Yes, you are unique and you deserve a card that is just as unique as you. Visit Kards’ Facebook page here.

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