Trending 2015 Wedding Trends- Part 3

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In our last article on the latest wedding trends doing the rounds, here are three more trends that you need to know about for a modern day wedding:



Going Unplugged: Would it be surprising if we told you that a lot of couples really want you to participate as a guest in their wedding ceremony and not simply sit status-like glued away to your smart device? Most brides say that watching guests prefer to take an all important business call or choosing to Instagram the moment is perhaps the most irritating thing they wish they could do something about, at the wedding. Now it seems that couples who really don’t want every moment to be uploaded on popular social sites have no hesitation is asking guests to come without their devices to the wedding or reception, or to keep them switched off at all times. The most polite way to ask your guests to leave their ‘smarter’ halves behind is by putting up a sign at the venue itself or to include a liner in the official wedding invitation. Either way, we see this great option picking up as a wedding trend that will be around for months to come.


Going Live: Yes, there will always be couples who don’t mind every second of their wedding or reception being streamed live on the Internet (we bet that relatives who couldn’t make it to the wedding at all must be very grateful) and for such weddings, any extra number of gadgets that make their way into the venue are more than welcome. We suggest asking your guests to click away or to take short videos which can be uploaded, if you do not have other photographers at your wedding. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes the best photos that are treasured for a lifetime are the spontaneous clicks which are unrehearsed and which tend to escape a professional photographer’s eye. If, you would like your guests to contribute to your wedding album and video, then let them know that you welcome impromptu photos, by putting up a sign at the venue. Even casually letting the guests know that they are expected to play photographers for the day or night, before the ceremony actually begins, will put guests at ease.


Wedding planners also claim that colours like black and white which are traditionally associated with ill-omens and which are not considered auspicious, are likely to become a wedding trend soon as couples get set to experiment more. We hope you enjoyed our articles on the latest wedding trends and we would love to hear from you.


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