Trendy Jewelry That You Don’t Know But You Need In 2021!

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All of us have heard & known how jewelry helps in the enhancement of ones beauty. And let’s be honest, we all         L-O-V-E  Jewelry, don’t we?

Adding a piece of jewelry to your simple piece of clothing makes a whole world of a difference & makes it look like there has been so much effort gone into putting a look together when in reality all you must have done is just added apiece of Jewelry. Yes, that’s what a piece of Jewelry is capable of doing!

After all, the whole idea is to put in the least amount of efforts & yet manage to SLAY! We’re sure you get the idea by now.

Now you must be wondering what kind of Jewelry you must invest in to look effortless, right? Don’t worry we’ve got your questions covered in this article.

Let’s Begin!


Your choice of jewelry for a wedding wouldn’t be the same selection as a reception party. It is obviously considered where you’re going, what’ll you be doing and how comfortable you want to feel.

But, what if we tell you there are few trendy pieces of jewelry that can be worn at any wedding occasion and can be paired with any beautiful outfit of yours? That’s correct!

Beautiful mid length earrings featuring brilliant round Diamonds

Our Fall Inspired Cascading all White Diamond necklace Set in 18kt Whitegold

Fancy Floret Emerald and Diamond tops set in 18kt Rose gold

Diamond and Ruby Reeth brilliantly crafted in 18kt Whitegold

Since it can be paired with any of your outfits and can be worn at all occasions, investing in these jewelry is going be no mistake and it’s going to be worth every penny for sure.



Let’s talk about preferences first- some people feel more of themselves into loud & ornate jewelry and some prefer simple & chaste jewelry. It totally depends on peoples taste in jewelry.

But, if we’re talking about looking effortless here then couple of things such as the outfit, the material of the outfit and stuff like these must be considered.
If the material of the outfit is heavy then one must go for a simple piece of jewelry since ornate jewelry can come off as tacky.
After all, less is more!

Diamond and Emerald long chain encrusted in 18kt Rose gold

Our Marquise Diamond Bangles beautifully crafted in 18kt white gold

Scintillating Solitaire mixed shape earrings set in 18kt Whitegold

Radiating ruby and Diamond set featuring brilliant layout of Diamonds

After all, You absolutely do not need to load yourself with heavy pieces of jewelry. These simple jewelry would do just enough to make you look completely gorgeous! Nonetheless, whether you like simple or heavy jewelry- just go for whatever suits your vibe and what you feel most beautiful in.


Statement Jewelry helps you express your style & personality. If your personality is bold, eye-catching and unique then these statement jewelry is something you must grab ASAP!

Our two tone Diamond set comprising Emerald and diamonds in Mixed shapes

Our gorgeous Gold Mesh Kada with brilliant round Diamonds set in 18kt Gold


A splendid collar style Necklace set in 18kt White gold 


Intricate and unique Emerald and Diamond studs set in 18kt white gold


Like we discussed in one of the the previous points that personal preferences are of utmost importance but to look effortless as well as classy at the same time, a piece  of jewelry should not just go with your outfit but it shall also be able to highlight your beautiful skin tone.

Brooch necklace comprising Pearls and Blue Sapphire set in 18kt rosegold

Our timeless wrap around cuff featuring Diamonds in Emerald cut and drop illusion set in 18kt Rosegold

Elegantly crafted diamond jhumkis set in 18kt Yellowgold

Our radiant emerald and diamond necklace fit for a princess comprising brilliant round diamonds

Here are some random tips to pair your jewelry according to your beautiful skin:
– Silver is a metal that highlight mostly fair to wheatish skin tones.
– Gold and Rose gold goes well with medium to dark tones.
– Cooler skin tones are advised to go with gems like red, purple or blue color. White gold also accentuates cooler skin tones.
-Warmer skin tones can go for yellow or orange gemstone.


We all have heard that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend Diamonds are loved and desired by millions since thousands of years. And there’s are good enough reason for it to be loved so much. The reasons are obvious, one of it is that diamonds goes with ANYTHING!

Our long pressure set cascading danglers set in 18kt Whitegold

Double layered trillion necklace featuring mixed shape Diamonds

Emerald cut Diamond Bangles set beautifully in 18kt Rosegold

A Floral reeth set in 18kt Whitegold featuring Diamonds in pressure setting

If you’re one of the indecisive ones are are always unsure of how to coordinate your outfits then we advise you to just blindly grab your diamonds.
Diamonds are a classic and it’s NEVER going out of style.


You can explore many many more options that Goldsmith Jewerelly has to offer and hopefully now it’ll be easy for you to make your choice and pick the piece, now that you have tips on how to look beautiful and put together effortlessly.

Hope this was helpful!

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