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Maybe you’re wondering why couples make so much fuss when it comes to getting the wedding invitation details right. But irrespective of whether you feel that traditional wedding invitations can never go wrong or if you’re searching for the perfect trendy look, you have to agree that a wedding invite sets the tone for the actual wedding day. And why not go with a trendy look especially when many guests actually keep the wedding invitation as a keepsake? Here are a few trendy designs and looks that we absolutely heart:


Traditional cream and gold wedding invitations do a U-turn as couples opt for deeper tones on their wedding paper. So, what have you? Navy blue, plum, leaf green and even black which has always been considered an inauspicious shade are all being used with great flair on wedding invitations today. While opting for a dark coloured background, the writing itself is often in glittery shades or in metallic. It creates a lovely contrast while looking so royal too.


If you would still prefer to go with a white or cream background for the wedding invitation, then do consider making it colourful by adding designs or images in bright colours, as they add such a cheerful look to the card itself. Or, why not try going with a wedding invitation with designs and patterns in watercolours? They are quite hot right now and work beautifully with garden and beach themed weddings. Try using shades that are associated with your wedding in the watercolour design for added effect.


Using foil on wedding invitations isn’t really a new trend. We’ve been seeing it in wedding cards all across the country and in South India, using gold foil for the lettering on a cream or white background is quite a common design. But we bet you’ve never seen a wedding invitation that combines gold foil with a dark background. The result is simply stunning to say the least. If you’re willing to be a tad trendier, then say yes to mixing small and big fonts on the card. And no, it doesn’t have to be just gold; you can also go with silver, bronze or copper foil too.

We will be back with more wedding invitation trends in our next article, so keep reading.

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