Turbanless Romance

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The following is a guest post from one of our readers-groom-to-be- Sahil Sareen. Here, he describes his romantic story and shares some of their lovely pre-wedding photo-shoot pictures clicked beautifully by Vision Beyond Media.

Bride to be: Japjee Oberoi

Groom-to-be: Sahil Sareen

She is a baker and a chef.

She cannot imagine her life without non-vegetarian food. She is not-too-fond of dogs; in-fact she is afraid of most animals. She loves Sufi music.” 

“I love to read, believe I have a knack for advertising, and love Batman, Star Wars and rock music. I cannot imagine my life without dogs.”

She is a Sikh, I am a Hindu.

We are as different as chalk and cheese!

We are about to tie the knot soon, but before we present our real wedding story, we thought we should share the sweet and funny way we in which we met and how our romance started. We also wanted to share our casual yet beautiful pre-wedding shoot with you.

How we met –To be honest it all started way back. Japjee was best friends with my best friend’s girlfriend. So, if you come to think of it, it was always a close relationship, given the fact that we both were extra wheels in their hang-outs.

Indian pre wedding photoshoot-readers share

Having spent a substantial part of my vicenarian years slogging for different media groups in Delhi, I was back in my home town; Jalandhar. So the meet ups got from intermittent to frequent in no time. And one thing lead to another and on the spur of the moment, I popped in the question in a slightly, well, let’s call it tipsy way.” Would you want to look at our friendship with a different perspective”?

But the answer I got from Japjee kicked out the ‘slightly tipsy’ feeling right out of the window: “But…you are a Hindu”.  Immediately the “Right” side of me started telling me, dude, she’s not the one. Anyways, the marketer in me persuaded the Sardarni in her to actually look at the diametrically opposite guy, me, with an ‘other than friendship’ perspective.  One can easily say that our love story is quite similar to the relationship different political groups have in Punjab!

Family reaction  – Ironically, both the families immediately agreed to our ‘Turbanless  Romance’. Sometimes I wonder, maybe seeing their children getting married was in itself too good to be true. Well, whatever the reason, it definitely was a cake-walk. However, the story doesn’t end here. I was interviewed by her immediate uncle (chacha) and trust me Quantum Theory was easier than explaining the job of a marketer. I am sure that half of her and my family still has no clue of what I do.

Indian pre wedding photoshoot-readers share

Setting of the roka and wedding date – Well, funnily enough, on 15th August when 120 crore people were busy celebrating the Independence Day of India, I was ‘waving white flag’ in the small town of Punjab. Ironically, I got trapped in the “Sacred Bond” on the day of Independence. Now coming to setting up wedding date- it was the most difficult decision. I have always loved the feel of winter weddings and she has always dreamt of a spring wedding. So, we “mutually” decided for a spring wedding.

The excitement of the pre wedding shoot –To be honest, I never wanted a pre shoot. With the poses and all I felt it is too much work. At one point I decided to leave the pre-shoot in the middle but thankfully Japjee convinced me to hang on.

What we wore – For the pre shoot we decided on casuals. We never wanted a decked up pre-wedding-shoot. So she wore a red casual dress and I went with a plain black shirt and blue denims. Besides, Japjee changed a couple of attires in between.

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The excitement of looking forward to the wedding day  – Since, we practically are managing everything from finalizing the card to venue, menu and guest list, we want the wedding to end soon so that we can relax on our honeymoon.

P.S- Sahil (Batman-ka-fan) and Japjee( Cake-waali). It so happens, people know us by these names too! Oh and I forgot to mention- We are doing a Sikh wedding 🙁

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