Unique and Unforgettable Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

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All Indian weddings are characterized by vibrant colours, gorgeous clothes, energetic dancing, foot tapping music and several other elements. But every couple-to-be wishes to have (and deserves!) a unique wedding; one that is different from all the others. A unique wedding is the one that reflects the unique personality and taste of the couple.

Today, you have the choice of bringing about a ‘marriage’ of the traditional with the new and exotic. A little bit of planning, backed by an Indian wedding theme idea, can help you incorporate your regional rituals and also bring unique flavors to the table. Let us first start by listing the obvious elements which every Indian wedding essentially comprises of:

  • Invitation cards
  • Venue/décor
  • Food
  • Bridal attire
  • Wedding car/doli

 Bridal Jewellery

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Other elements that are equally important include photo/videography, orchestra and entertainment, honeymoon planning etc.

The secret to setting up a successful unique wedding lies in the amount of preparation you are willing to put into all these elements. You need not have a large budget; you can still keep things simple and low cost and yet add uniqueness to the celebrations. However, many couples believe that their wedding is the most important event in their lives. As a result, they do not wish to leave any stone unturned and are opting for opulent ceremonies that include exotic locations, exorbitant and professionally planned, unique themes  as well as designer clothing etc.


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Today, some of the more popular unique Indian wedding themes include:

  • Village weddings -A village wedding can be held in a rustic setting decorated with lanterns, earthen pots, bullock carts etc. The entertainment and food can also revolve around such rustic ideas. You can opt to have the food served on banana leaves and the baraat may comprise of exotic animals like elephants etc.
  • Goan wedding -A Goan wedding theme is especially popular in cross-cultural weddings. Goa is famous for its endless sandy beaches. In India, beach weddings are a novelty.  A Goan wedding setting is not just unique; it is also quite romantic. The glorious sunsets and endless sea is sure to impress guests and are also symbolic of a happy future for the couple-to-be.

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  • Arabic/Roman/Egyptian wedding themes – While these themes are not very popular in India, they certainly hold a charm for non-residential Indians living across various parts of the globe. Such weddings require a more elaborate décor. A professional wedding planner can help one choose the dresses, décor and food for incorporating these thematic elements in their weddings. One can have paintings, artifacts and drapes at the venue to conform to the respective styles of the region. For example, in a Roman theme, one can have paintings of the Coliseum, and include chariots and landscaped gardens and fountains that typical to the country.

Couples are also opting to bring about an amalgamation of the East and west in their Indian weddings. Guest books, save the date cards, thank you cards which are not very common in traditional and conventional Indian weddings are being increasingly used by couples to add elements of uniqueness to their wedding ceremonies.  These are just a few ideas for making your wedding unique and unforgettable.

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