Vanity at its Best!!!!

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The wedding preparations are in full swing. Your closet is stuffed with loads of things, thanks to your frequent visits to the stores. Being an organised person you now need to stack up your things in the right place. It would be a great idea for you for you to store your cosmetic and toiletries conveniently . If “a place for everything and everything in its place” is your mantra; a perfect vanity kit to suit your style is what you need to look for!

We bring in for you the most stylish n trendy vanity cases to lay your hands on.
Today, the market is flooded with a variety of vanity cases. Big and small, box pattern, hanging , foldable you have a plethora of options to choose one that fits your style….
This purple vanity bag from VIP, Alpha will hold most of your cosmetics as well as big and small bottles. The zipper pouch inside helps to manage small things like lipsticks and nail cutters in one place.

Alpha Vanity
Black is bold, black is beautiful. This box style vanity case by Lakme is eye catching and chic.

Trendy vanity box
The pink vanity case with compartments is a sure shot winner and a great organiser for your makeup kit.

vanity kit with compartments


This frame less vanity has a hanging hook and will occupy less space in your luggage. Portable and non bulky this is an easy to carry vanity.layered with zipper pouches this red and black vanity bag can hold many things.

Folding case
This printed black and red vanity box is big enough to keep your cosmetics in one place. The detachable mirror comes in handy at all times.

Vanity with mirror
This black  toiletry cum vanity bag has transparent compartments with foldable flaps and can be stuffed right on top of your clothes if you are running short on space.

Transparent compartments
The local markets have a lot to offer in terms of style and money , but do check online for vanity cases on popular sites like ebay and . These sites at times offer great discounts.

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