Vibrant Magic of Kundan Jewellery

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Kundan jewellery has become omnipresent due to its lavish display at Indian weddings. Bollywood stars have made it an in-thing and it has become a rage with one and all. Although every form of Indian jewellery is in great demand but kundan jewellery has become a prominent style statement these days.

The art of making kundan jewellery dates back to the Mughal period. The skill of kundankari originated in Delhi but later on, it reached the state of Rajasthan and even today, Rajasthan can be considered as an epicenter of Kundankari. Owing to its excellent craftsmanship, kundan jewellery brings back the splendour of Mughal empire.


The beauty of this art lies in its precise setting of precious and semi precious stones along with beads in gold that gives an appealing look to any ornament. Gold sheets are hammered to shape them as cups, filled with layers of lac and silver and finally set with glass in such a manner that the edges of the gold cups keep the glass pieces in place. It can also have a combination of precious and semi precious stones to create a perfect design. Generally, colorful meenakari is also done on its reverse side which makes it as beautiful as the front side. The classical masterpieces have become the top priority of every Indian bride because kundan has become the paragon of royalty.

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This traditional form of kundan jewellery is surely the most exquisite form of jewellery that is available in a wide range of designs and colors. Kundan jewellery items include rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, hastphool, anklets and maang tikka. These elegant pieces can easily complement any bridal outfit like lehenga choli or saree.

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Heavy kundan jewellery blends perfectly with heavily embroidered bridal outfits. Sleek designs are also available. These designs are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles that are perfect for blinging up your evening dress.

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Image sources (clockwise from top left): 1 and 4., 2., 3., 5 and 6. viyahshadinikah.tumblr. com,
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