Virushka-What Transpired Before The Wedding-Get The Details Here!

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Virushka- they are one of the most loved celebrity couples in India today. You’ve seen them waltz together on TV, promote a wedding wear brand with genuine sizzling chemistry, make umpteen public appearances together and in general, be at ease with each other. They’ve stood up for each other in full public glare, taken on trolls together on Twitter and posted plenty of cute couple photos of them relaxing and travelling together. So, their fans can be forgiven for wondering and analysing every single move they have been making over the past few days. We now got the news they are married, but let us take a look at what transpired before that!

From media reports, we now know that both respective families flew to Tuscany for the grand celebration. No one knew the exact date but sources close to the couple knew it would be between December 9- 12th. We now know that the couple tied the knot last night (India time) so the date is 11th December.

Is it Sabyasachi?


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Sabyasachi has always been a much loved talent on Anushka’s list and when he was spotted outside the residential building a few weeks back, it was only natural that speculations were made about the sudden visit. Was it to decide what she would wear for all the ceremonies or was it a bridal wear fitting session- everybody got talking.

 The ‘Date’ was decided by the Families


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So, it’s rumoured that Virushka’s ‘wedding date’ was actually decided when the two were on holiday in Sri Lanka. Naturally, the advice of Anushka’s family priest was also sought and it’s believed that he suggested a December wedding. The parents were only too happy to seal matters formally.

Something smells like a Shaadi


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It’s believed that close friends of both Virat and Anushka had already booked their tickets to Milan and the guest list included Virat’s childhood cricket coach. Of course, the cricketer himself opted out of the Test match against Sri Lanka stating that he had personal reasons for doing so. This was enough to fuel the rumours again.

Everyone’s heading to Milan


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Anushka and her family booked tickets to go to Milan via Zurich and her family priest Maharaj Anant Baba also boarded a flight to Europe along with them. Virat is flew to Europe with his family from Delhi.

The Dreamy Location


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The Borgo Finnochieto has a total of 22 bedrooms is a locale that’s straight out from a fairy-tale book. Beautiful laws, lush garden spaces, a huge swimming pool and a gorgeous view of the hills below has played host to many well-known personalities from across the globe. Considering that Anushka once admitted that her ideal location to wed would be a vineyard, it’s no wonder that the Borgo was just the location she wanted for her December wedding. It is said that bhangra dancers were spotted at the vineyard on the morning of December 9th and it’s obvious that a real Punjabi wedding was going to happen soon.

We can now conform that Virushka have wed and are trying to get our hands on the wedding pics too. Rest assured we will be the first ones to present them! Stay tuned!

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