Want Healthy Long Hair? Read Our 8 Bridal Tips

Hair that’s long and lustrous has been raved about for centuries and Indian women in particular have always been known to wear their hair with pride. However, times have changed and these days, not many of us really have the time or the patience to give our tresses the love and care they deserve. But here’s the thing- the way you carry your hairstyle on your wedding day will add that quotient of spice to your overall ensemble.

Here are our 8 stylist approved and time tested tricks that are guaranteed to help you grow great looking long hair so that you look nothing short of ravishing on your wedding day:

1. Trims Are Good

long hair

Image courtesy Radha Photos

You don’t really have to wait for 3- 6 months just to get a haircut. In fact, you can stay chic and smart by asking your hair stylist to give you mini trims at least once a month or every 6 weeks. Trims when spaced out evenly can help the visible hair stay manageable and stylish.

2. Get Rid of Split Ends

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Hair is actually so fragile that even the slightest application of heat can cause long lasting damage and result in split ends. There’s no point in having long hair which isn’t healthy at the tips, so snip away those split ends.

3. Minimise Heat

long hair

Image courtesy Shine Studio

Using hair straighteners, curling irons and any other appliance that requires applying heat to your hair will undoubtedly boost your confidence but it does nothing for long hair or mid length tresses. Let your hair wear its natural look and you’ll find that it grows well at its normal pace.

4. Say Yes to Oil

long hair

Image courtesy Amita & Suraaj Photography

Your grandma was right about oiling your tresses. Hot oil works wonders for the scalp and long hair when applied regularly and acts as a natural hair conditioner. Not to mention that coconut oil also helps to fight any scalp infections and keeps hair looking good naturally.

5. Try a Scalp Treatment

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Ever heard of scalp treatments? Yes, there is such a thing and talking to your stylist will help you pick one that suits your scalp type. Most scalp treatments include the use of natural essential oils and other ingredients which help to ensure that stronger hair grows eventually.

6. Use Hair Masks

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Image courtesy Aniket Kanade Photography

Don’t have time to oil each week? Then pick up a good deep hydrating hair mask which replenishes hair moisture and keeps it looking good. Think of it as a facial for the hair!

7. Go Sulphate Free

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Image courtesy Shalin Media Arts

We may not realise it but the ingredients that cause maximum damage to our hair are usually right under our noses. Purchase sulphate free shampoo and conditioner so that you moisturise your hair each time you wash instead of making it drier.

8. Supplements Are Good

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Image courtesy 35MM Stories

It goes without saying that what you eat also has an impact on your long hair. So, why not make sure that you give yourself only the best nutrient rich food to eat? Add lots of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to your diet and take additional supplements like biotin which are proven to work on skin and hair.

Main image courtesy Amita&Suraaj