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Getting your own customised wedding invitations is not about going DIY. Don’t believe us? Well, then, here’s the difference- DIY is all about doing everything on your own from sourcing materials to designing to actual wedding card creation, whereas choosing customised wedding invitations involves working with a  graphic designer, printer or even a wedding card expert.


We understand why brides are willing to go all out for the perfect wedding card look and that’s because the wedding invitation sets the tone for the rest that is to follow. In a way, wedding invitations give out the right kind of hints with regard to the wedding theme, wedding decor colours and even in terms of style. So, where do you start if you are serious about putting your artwork ideas to paper and getting your very own customised wedding invitations?


It all begins with an idea. So, if you get your big ideas when you’re sitting by yourself with a cup of coffee in hand or when you’re out exercising; any ‘me’ time is a good time to think about what you would like your customised wedding invitations to look like. Don’t be ashamed of sifting through all those glossy bridal magazines because you can truly never tell when you come across the right design. Another good way to begin is by thinking of your wedding theme and then working backwards. How much do you want to reveal about the wedding in the invitations? Are you looking for an invitation that has unusual fonts, embellishments, candid photos or are you game to try something trendy? Think carefully about what you want because the next step involves putting it down on paper.


Talking to a printer or even a designer becomes easier when your ideas are clearly laid out and you know just how much you want to customise. If you want a truly never-seen-before design then get ready to spend more on creating something unique. You don’t have to be an award winning artist to sketch your ideas on paper or even for using an online painting tool, but just getting down your ideas in colour can help you think clearly. Besides, don’t forget that your little efforts will go a long way in helping the professional you consult, to do his job better too!


The third important step is to find the right person who is willing to invest time in listening to your ideas and then make unbiased suggestions based on your requirements. Finding a designer who you feel free to share ideas with and who is affordable is quite a difficult task but definitely not an impossible one. Bridal magazines are a good bet and so is talking to friends and family members who may have just celebrated a wedding. Reputed designers are certain to have their own website in which their respective portfolios can also be viewed. Spend some time collecting as much information as possible on different designers, so that you’ll be ready for the next step.

We will be back with more tips on how to make your customised wedding invitations a reality. Stay tuned!




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