Wedding Album Options

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Gone are the days when newly married couples didn’t have any other wedding album options other than the standard black and white background spiral bound albums, which were the norm then. But today, that’s all changed! Couples are more than willing to fork out for a beautifully presented wedding album which is not merely about the photographs alone; but which also appeals to one’s aesthetic sense.  Needless to add, online photograph editing software and other photo-shopping tools have only enabled photographers to truly unleash their creativity.


We take a look at the four most popular wedding album options that are quite a hit with newly weds all over the country:


Flush Mount Albums: This album type is quite a hit these days because it gives ample space for customization. Cover styles can range from leather to even photo covers and if you’re not happy with just these options; then you could also opt for metal or acrylic covers as well. You can also choose full blown images which touch the edges and chosen images can also be spread out on two joined pages instead of one, as well. These albums make a truly gorgeous presentation.


Matted Albums: These kind of albums were very popular a few years back, but with the coming of flush mount albums, it isn’t much in demand any more. These albums usually have leather covers and thick pages. However, the real advantage lies in the fact that more than one image can easily be accommodated on a single page, which means that the number of pages itself will be fewer. Besides, these albums are available in various sizes as well.


Hard cover albums: If you aren’t a believer in large ornate photo albums, then go for a hard cover album. Although the album itself may be quite heavy, it’s generally believed that the cover itself offers ample protection for the photographs inside. These albums usually have stick-on options or dust jackets to store each photo. Choose a hard cover album that has thick pages so that it will not come apart easily no matter how many times you show it to your loved ones.


Modern & Artistic: Why go with a simple wedding album, when you can have a beautiful album which tells a story instead? If you’d like a wedding album with a dash of creativity, then opt for a modern scrapbook which features asymmetrical layouts, colourful backgrounds, doodles and a mix of coloured as well as black & white photographs. Your wedding album will tell a wonderful story all on its own.

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