Wedding Car Decoration: Tips, Ideas And Trends

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Often, the wedding car decoration is overlooked when planning other aspects of the Indian wedding. Most couples choose to outsource this job; however, those looking to save money can use these simple DIY car decoration tips and ideas that we are presenting today. We also have some latest trends in wedding car decorations that will help you drive away in style!

Choosing your wedding getaway car


Naturally, the first step is to choose the kind of car you wish to drive off in. You can use your existing car or go the extra mile and choose a luxury or vintage car. If you are looking to save money, then you can use simpler cars like jeeps or small enclosed sedans. The trend nowadays, say expert wedding planners, is to keep things simple and classy.

Wedding Car decoration with Flowers

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As stated before, it is not necessary to go overboard with the wedding car flowers. Keeping things simple is the better option. Too many flowers not only ruin the look; they are usually totally wasted.

Wedding Car decoration with Fabric/ Polypropylene Tulle/Lace and Pompoms


A better alternative to using flowers for wedding car decoration is using fabrics or lace. If you are driving away in a white car, you have so many options in the colours of decoration items to use. When opting for a themed wedding or wedding colours, you can also decorate the car in those chosen colours.

Expert wedding car decoration ideas: Decorate a white car using pink, bright purple or beige tulle fabrics with complementary pompoms, lace or balloons. For a black car, use white or pink lace and pompoms or balloons in opposite/complementary colours.

Wedding car decoration trends and tips

  • Do not forget to decorate the car’s handles, mirrors, roof and windshield; though a trend nowadays is to only decorate the bonnet/hood and mirrors.
  • Metallic or polypropylene streamers and ribbons make for great car decoration ideas and these things can also be reused for other projects. Similar coloured ribbons can be used to decorate your wedding venue to conform to a theme.
  • Balloons can be used for filling up the insides of the car.
  • Do not forget to add the “Just Married” Sign. These can be handmade or readily brought from gift stores
  • When renting the wedding car, make sure you ask about the kind of decorations allowed by the rental company.
  • Do not forget to remove the decorations after use, especially when using a rented vehicle, as some decorations can chip or scratch the car’s paint.
  • In western countries, old tin cans, shoes and metallic noise makers are attached to the car to ward off the evil spirits.

Do you have any DIY wedding car decoration ideas? Then do share in comments below!

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