Wedding Day Rangoli Ideas

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Rangoli is big part of Indian traditions. It is deep rooted in our culture and marks its place at the entrance of houses and temples alike. Rangoli designs are seen on many occasions and festivals. It is also a part of the welcome ceremony not only for the grooms’ baraat but for the wedding guests as well. Rangoli is usually also drawn around the seat where the bride and groom are seated for the wedding rituals. It is considered pious and auspicious.This ancient art is said to have existed even before painting and has been passed down from generation to generation.

wedding day rangoli ideas

The science behind rangoli is keeping insects and bugs away from the pooja area. At the same time, it offers immense ornamental and decorative value. It also demarcates the area that is to be used for religious rituals and/or festive celebrations. Since it is has religious sentiments attached, a rangoli is never drawn on an unclean surface. In the olden days, the floor where the rangoli was to be drawn was cleaned and smeared with cow dung-which is believed to have cleansing properties. While the surface is still wet, the rangoli is drawn so that it gets stuck to the ground and lasts longer.

The word Rangoli originates from Sanskrit work ‘Rangavalli’. Fine, sand-like powder is used to draw the traditional designs, though today, there are many other materials used for their creation. It is a free-hand art form and usually no instruments are used for creating it.

There are various rangoli designs suitable for weddings. Presenting a few wedding day rangoli ideas.

wedding day rangoli ideas

  1. Traditional Rangoli: You can never go wrong with traditional rangoli. It is a classic and always appeals the eyes. You can use bright and festive colours such as red and orange to make it pop. You will have to mindful of the décor. If the backdrop is subtle, the rangoli can be bright. On the other hand, if the background is colorful, you can limit the use of colors in the rangoli to two to three.
  1. Flower Rangoli: the basic outline can be drawn using a chalk or rangoli powder. The inside is filled with flower petals. Marigold rangoli looks best due to its vivacious shades of yellow, orange and white. Also, the flower is easily available in most seasons and at a reasonable price. For green colour, mango tree leaves are the preferred choice. Some unique choices are more exotic flowers such as roses, jasmine and lily. While choosing flower rangoli you must consider the availability of the desired flowers, freshness of flowers, how long they can stay fresh and the color combinations they can create.


  1. Water Rangoli: Water rangoli is drawn in a flat, pot type vessel. Various elements are at play in a water rangoli. A water rangoli is delicate and cannot stand to be disturbed; so the vessel used should be thick-like a copper pot. Some venues have allotted water tanks for such rangolis. You can also light pretty candle diyas in a water rangoli in between the petals. These are special light weight diyas easily available in the market. This rangoli is best suited for an evening function. It can also be considered as a variant of flower rangoli.
  1. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli: This is a special type of rangoli. This rangoli is designed for big patterns. It uses up lots of rangoli powder but gives an elegant and large size rangoli. It is very popular form of rangoli in Maharashtra and some parts of South India. Traditional rangoli uses index finger and thumb but sanskar bharti uses all five fingers. Sieves or nets are used to fill in colours. Sanskar bharti rangoli is made of circles- which represent the Hindu sanskar and so this rangoli is so called.


  1. Portrait Rangoli: There are many rangoli artists in each city. These help draw the portrait of the bridal couple. (Don’t worry, the bride doesn’t have to spare hours for this type of rangoli!)These artists are so accomplished that all they need is a picture of the bride of groom (accepted even on a smartphone!). (You can easily assign the task of taking the picture of the bride and groom in full glory to a friend to give it to the rangoli artist while s/he creates magic!)

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