Wedding Décor Inspiration from Bollywood

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Wedding décors are quite tricky. A lot of attention has to be paid to the details. If left to the last minute, it may spell disaster on the whole wedding ceremony. It is very important that you are clear about your ideas before you contact a decorator. If you are lucky to have a wedding planner, make sure you convey your ideas way in advance for the planner to make the necessary arrangements.

We Indians idealize cinema and anything related to it. Brides are always looking for a particular type of wedding dress worn by actresses on screen. Décor ideas are no different. We have brought some wedding décor ideas inspired by Bollywood. You might want to have the same décor or use parts of it.


Wedding decor

  1. If it is Christian wedding, you can recreate the magic of Dil to Pagal Hai. Seen in this film is a Christian wedding with pure white décor. You can make this set up really look elegant with golden tassels throughout the venue. This set up looks great with bright coloured flower arrangements. It adds the much needed pop to the décor.
  2. You can go full on desi and use bright coloured drapes like in ‘Band Baja Barat’. Indian weddings are known for their show and pomp. And as they say ‘you marry only once’, then why not have the best of time and experiment with colours.Wedding decor

3. Another very popular décor idea is the use of flowers. You can have the whole venue covered in flowers. This is one such décor idea on which you spend as much as you like or as less as you like. Long strands can be weaved with bright coloured flowers mixed with green leaves. These can be used throughout the venue even on staircases like in ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’.

4. You can choose a colour as a theme for the decoration. As in the movie ‘Aisha’ red and white colour theme looks best. This way you in your beautiful elaborate lehenga will stand out in all photographs and video of your wedding against the backdrop.

Wedding decor

We recommend you pick and choose ideas. You do not always have to follow a particular décor idea. Try to mix and match. You can have a ‘chauki’ made of flowers for your pheras and, at the same time,  have a separate theme for the reception area. This way, you can custom design each part of the venue and put it to best use based on lighting and the function for which it is intended.

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