Wedding Flowers on a Budget

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A wedding would be incomplete without flowers and as we mentioned in the last article, auspicious flowers in Indian weddings play more than just an aesthetic role. It’s not unusual for families to end up with a massive bill for a number of reasons-  special flowers were flown in for the occasion; the bride wanted that one hard-to-get variety of roses or just because fresh blooms are always expensive. Yes, flowers do add to the general ambiance and any ceremony would be incomplete without them, but if you would like a few ideas on how to have the best flowers on a budget, then read on:



If you would like to do away with hosting your ceremony in a hall or anywhere indoors, then consider conducting the wedding in an outdoor location. For instance, a beach wedding offers plenty of natural beauty and you would not really need flowers for decorative purposes. Or you could also choose to have your wedding at a resort and opt for a lawn wedding as well. This way you get to cut down on a huge expense AND have the best of Mother Nature at your wedding!



Visit more than one florist when getting a quote. Understand that weddings are a great business opportunity for florists, which is why wedding flower bouquets and flower arrangements can be a seriously expensive affair. Florists who specialise in bridal bouquets and wedding flowers will undoubtedly do a fantastic job but it’s also a good idea to check out wholesale florists as well. Depending upon what’s in season, they will be able to give you a lower quote. Plus, it will also help you determine your budget.


Sifting through heaps of magazines with glamorous flower arrangements and do’s are no doubt very appealing, but instead of adding to your bill by requesting for imported or really exotic flowers, choose flowers that are currently in season. They will be more easily available, you can be assured of fresh blooms and they are likely to be lower in cost as well.


You are the bride after all and you deserve to have your favourite flowers in your bridal bouquet (if you plan to carry one that is!), so it’s more than fair to go all out for yourself. However, considering that you would also like to keep things easy on the wallet, opting for smaller flower arrangements instead of lavish ones throughout the venue is a good idea. Besides, using colourful satin ribbons, artificial foliage, streamers and embellishments also enhances the overall appeal of flower arrangements without going overboard.

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